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Sorrow's Embrace Dungeon Quick Guide - Guild Wars Hub

Sorrow’s Embrace Dungeon Quick Guide

This guide provides an overview of the Sorrow’s Embrace dungeon located in Dredgehaunt Cliffs.

Sorrow’s Embrace Overview

Level 60/65
Waypoint Sorrow’s Embrace Waypoint [&BD8FAAA=]
Rewards Up to 25 silver + 1.05 gold & 60 tokens (per path)
Potion Potion of Dredge Slaying

Sorrow's Embrace Map

Common Path

  • From the start of the dungeon make your way to the NPC and select a path

Path 1 – Fergg

  • Interact with the nearby portal to be taken to the start of the first path
  • Continue South and destroy a series of inquest gates and mobs as you make your way forward
  • After passing through the first group of gates you will encounter the Mark IV Golem mini-boss
    • The golem has a pulling attack and spawns Inquest mobs
  • Pass through the last group of gates until you reach the round platform where you’ll find the next boss, Nokk
    • His primary attacks consist of damaging AOE singularities, knockbacks and a gravity effect that locks down players for 10 seconds
  • After defeating Nokk, continue down the path on the other side of the platform and avoid the numerous mines littering the floor
  • You will encounter a few golems along the path but eventually you will end up in a large room here you must defeat 3 Prototype Golems
    • It may be best to engage each golem one at a time to make things easier
  • Enter the smaller room behind the golems to engage the final boss Tazza
    • Tazza will be accompanied by Kaeyi, although the only requirement is that Tazza be defeated
    • The main attacks to watch out for are Tazza’s crystal spike AOE and laser attacks, both of which can be dodged

Path 2 – Rasolov

  • From the NPC head south across the gap and then go East, sticking to the left side path
  • Continue forward after defeating the several waves of enemies, making sure to protect Rasolov
  • Pull the nearby chain to initiate a cut scene and begin the first mini-boss
  • This next area contains 5 Foremen that must be defeated
    • After killing the first foreman Rasolov will talk to another Dredge and activate the remaining 4 foremen
    • They can be engaged individually at each of the short areas branching off from the main corridor
  • After the foremen have been defeated you must escort a Dredge while defending him from various mobs
    • A door will open after the escort has been successfully completed
  • Head East until you get to a large open area where you will find the Taskmaster boss
    • When the Taskmaster becomes invulnerable, you must draw him beneath the nearby crushers to remove his shield
    • You may want to defeat the patrolling Dredge mobs before engaging the Taskmaster so that they do not interfere
  • Next you’ll need to pick up glowing rocks and carry them to Rasolov in order to progress through to the next area
  • Head to the final area and defeat Shukov’s Golems
    • Both golems must be defeated within a short window or they will regenerate to full health

Path 3 – Koptev

  • From the NPC, head South and defeat the group of Dredge that are guarding the bridge
  • Continue East, taking the path slightly to the right of the Path 2 route
  • Defeat the various Dredge mobs while continuing around the horseshoe shaped path (turn right, then right again)
  • For the next portion of the path you can either fight your way through or simply run all the way to the first mini-boss
    • Head South and then turn East at the fork and follow the walkway up and around
  • Turn left at the top of the ramp to engage Volkov
    • Volkov’s primary attacks include heavy melee damage and burrowing
  • Continue along the path to the West until you reach Molradovich
    • There are 2 ways to reach Molradovich: the bridge route or the tunnel route
    • Each option has mobs that must be defeated
    • Molradovich’s main attack is an AOE fire ring
  • Head East and follow the path until you reach the Armored Carrier
    • Focus DPS on the armored carrier to destroy it as fast as possible
    • Mobs will spawn but do not focus your attention on them unless absolutely necessary
  • Continue West through the gate to face the Destroyer of Worlds
    • Defeat the various enemies to open the gates
    • The Destroyer’s main attack is a burning AOE

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