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Caudecus's Manor Dungeon Quick Guide - Guild Wars Hub

Caudecus’s Manor Dungeon Quick Guide

This guide provides an overview of the Caudecus’s Manor dungeon located in Queensdale.

Caudecus’s Manor Overview

Level 40/45
Waypoint Beetletun Waypoint [&BPoAAAA=]
Rewards Up to 26 silver + 1.05 gold & 60 tokens (per path)
Potion Potion of Outlaw Slaying

Caudecus's Manor Map

Common Path

  • From the start of the dungeon make your way to the center courtyard of the manor
  • Interact with the NPC to select a path

Path 1 – Asura

  • Talk to the Asura as indicated by the new map marker
  • From the center courtyard head through the Northern manor entrance and turn right once you cross the threshold
  • Go down into the basement through the door in the next room and begin destroying all of the stolen technology indicated by cogs on the map
  • Exit through the West side of the basement after defeating Sure-Shot Seamus
  • Head North-West to the large barn
    • If one player activates and holds the cut-scene, the other players can enter the barn and take position on the upper level without triggering Gunpowder Morgan
    • After taking care of the enemies on the upper level, go down and defeat the boss
  • Go through the hole in the wall and continue into the tunnels, taking a right turn at the fork
  • Eventually you will reach Bloody Victoria, who can be pulled into the corner room to make the fight easier
  • Continue through the Northern tunnel and stick to the right-side wall in order to avoid as many enemies as possible
    • You can run through the next room all the way to the next area where there is an optional encounter that drops a chest
  • Head through the narrow passage and continue running through the next room and out into the open area
  • The final boss, Frost, uses an ice thrower and ice shard attacks to chill and damage players
    • Other dangers include golems and rocket turrets, so attacking him at range may be the best option

Path 2 – Seraph

  • Head through the North entrance to the manor and go up the stairs to the left
  • Retrieve the satchel in the Pillow Room by carefully jumping on carpeted areas and thrown pillows to avoid spike traps
  • Back-track to the stairs and dispose of the bandit mobs and net turrets as you make your way to the opposite stairs
  • Talk to Rosina in the Eastern part of the manor and then Waypoint back to the starting waypoint
  • Head east to locate and defeat the mini-boss Bridgette
    • Make sure to avoid standing in her symbols, which show up as red AOE rings
  • After Bridgette, make your way North until you encounter the Hunting Hound mini-boss
  • Continue North and use powder kegs to destroy the NE gate
    • 5 Powder Kegs must be placed on each of the small red circles near the gate
    • Some groups choose to simply grab the kegs and rush them to the gate
    • The bandits keep spawning so you must either distract them with barrels or use other means to control them or else they will pick up the barrels
  • Proceed through the gate and continue left, dispatching of enemies on your way to the final boss Turmaine
    • He uses large AOE circles that should be avoided at all costs
    • He also periodically enters a plague form and becomes invulnerable

Path 3 – Butler

  • From the center courtyard head through the West entrance to the manor and continue straight though to the outside area on the other side
  • Turn left and defeat Sure-Shot Seamus
  • Enter the nearby basement door and turn left, defeating the bandits along the hallway
  • Activate the button at the end of the hallway and grab one of the nearby rifles to reflect turret rockets in order to destroy the turrets
  • Continue straight ahead and defeat Wahlen
  • Head West and avoid the floor traps
  • Proceed through the next rooms by either running straight through or fighting the various bandit mobs
  • There is an optional bandit encounter near the end of the first room that drops a chest
  • Head through the tunnel and repeat this process in the next room by fighting/running
  • Proceed to the final boss area where you will encounter Vallog
    • Fairly easy fight, just watch out for his AOE attacks

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