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Gathering Archives - Guild Wars Hub



Flax Seed Farm Locations Guide

Flax Seed is a new gathering ingredient unique to Heart of Thorns. They are found commonly around the HoT maps and fetch a decent price on the trading post. The high demand for Flax Seed is due in part to the fact they are required for certain Guild Hall Upgrades. Gathering Flax Seed can easily provide you with a few gold in profit, with minimal time invested. This guide will show you the best Flax Seed farm locations in Heart…


Most Valuable Harvesting Ingredients

The ingredients you receive from harvesting are numerous and hard to keep track of. Mining and logging are relatively straightforward because there are only a handful of different ores and wood. I’ve found myself passing over harvesting nodes because I was uncertain of the value of the ingredients. It wouldn’t be worth my time to harvest lettuce or potatoes for a few bronze. However, there are a number of ingredients which are valuable and definitely worth your time. The goal…