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Too Many Keys: GW2 Key Ring Mock-up

Managing all of the various types of keys in Guild Wars 2 has become a significant issue. Having to shuffle keys between various characters is a hassle, let alone remembering to bring them along to each specific map where they can be used. Although this has been an issue for a while, the new keys introduced with Heart of Thorns have made it clear that the key system in GW2 needs to be updated. Over the life of GW2 many…


Looking For Group Tool 2.0 – Suggested Improvements

Since the release of Heart of Thorns and Raids, the “Looking For Group” (LFG) Tool in Guild Wars 2 has become ineffective. Don’t get me wrong, it still functions and you can still find groups, but but the LFG tool has devolved into an unorganized mess that makes it difficult to find what you’re looking for. Although there are several issues that have led to this current state, I believe that a few small improvements can make the LFG tool…