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Revenant Build Guide - Guild Wars Hub

Revenant Build Guide

This build guide provides an overview of the Revenant class and explains how to create an optimal PvE Revenant build. The goal is to achieve maximum damage (DPS) while still maintaining a high level of play-ability and utility.Revenant Hero Panel

Legendary Stances

Legendary Stances are unique to the Revenant class and provide different sets of skills and abilities when channeled. Two stances can be equipped at a time and you can switch between these two during combat. Here is an overview of the Revenant’s stances.

Jalis – Dwarf Stance


  • Strengths: Stability + Damage
  • Elite Skill: “Rite of The Great Dwarf”
    • 50% incoming damage reduction for 5 seconds.
  • Usage: When you need the extra survivability

Mallyx – Demon Stance


  • Strengths: Condition Damage + Condition Removal
  • Elite Skill: “Embrace The Darkness”
    • 10% increase to all stats, torment (8s), poison (7.5s)
  • Usage: When you want to deal heavy condition damage

Ventari – Centaur Stance


  • Strengths: Healing + Defense
  • Elite Skill: “Energy Expulsion”
    • Enemy knockback, area healing fragments (5s)
  • Usage: When you need group healing

Shiro – Assassin Stance


  • Strengths: Damage
  • Elite Skill: “Jade Winds”
    • Area stun (3s), might stacks (12.5s), area damage
  • Usage: All THE TIME. Highest DPS stance.

Glint – Dragon Stance (Elite)


  • Strengths: Offensive Boons + Utility
  • Elite Skill: “Facet of Chaos/Chaotic Release”
    • Pulse protection to allies
    • High damage knockback, superspeed
  • Usage: Standard Herald build. Massive offensive boons (Might, etc.)


Stance Recommendations:

  • Non-Herald
    • Shiro + Mallyx
  • Herald
    • Shiro + Glint

In non-Herald builds, Shiro/Mallyx provide the highest level of DPS. Switching out Mallyx for Glint in a Herald build grants access to a number of valuable utility skills and traits, making Mallyx/Glint the superior Revenant build.

Specializations and Traits



  • Synergizes with: Demon Stance
  • Increases: Conditions
  • Recommended Traits:
    1. “Venom Enhancement”
      • Apply poison along with torment.
    2. “Bolstered Anguish”
      • 3% damage increase per condition (self).
      • Alternative: Switch to “Spontaneous Destruction” if you need to remove boons from enemies.
    3. “Maniacal Persistence”
      • 10% Critical chance increase every other second.
      • Alternative: Switch to “Diabolical Inferno” to burn nearby foes when using an elite skill.



  • Synergizes with: Assassin Stance
  • Increases: Damage & Mobility
  • Recommended Traits:
    1. “Ferocious Strikes”
      • +150 ferocity when dual-wielding.
    2. “Nefarious Momentum”
      • Gain might from Assassin skills
      • Alternative: Switch to “Assassin’s Presence” if your group needs ferocity.
    3. “Swift Termination”
      • 20% damage increase to enemies below 50% health.



  • Synergizes with: All Stances
  • Increases: Fury
  • Recommended Traits:
    1. “Fierce Infusion”
      • Gain fury from healing.
    2. “Invigorating Flow”
      • Healing from skills with energy costs.
    3. “Roiling Mists”
      • 100% increase in critical-chance effectiveness while under fury.



  • Synergizes with: Dwarf Stance
  • Increases: Toughness/Defense
  • Recommended Traits:
    1. “Close Quarters”
      • Incoming damage from far away is reduced.
    2. “Eye for an Eye”
      • When a CC effect is applied to you, apply taunt to the target and gain protection for 5.5 seconds.
    3. “Steadfast Rejuvenation”
      • 50% chance to heal when stuck.



  • Synergizes with: Centaur Stance
  • Increases: Healing/Support
  • Recommended Traits:
    1. “Nourishing Roots”
      • Regeneration for allies.
    2. “Invoking Harmony”
      • 20% healing effectiveness for 20 seconds after invoking legend.
    3. “Natural Abundance”
      • Create healing energy fragment when using centaur skill.

Herald (Elite)


  • Supports Dragon Stance
  • Gain access to Shields
  • Recommended Traits:
    • “Hardening Persistence”
      • +40 toughness for each point of energy upkeep.
      • Alternative: Switch to “Radiant Revival” for group healing support.
    • “Shared Empowerment”
      • Applying boons to allies also applies might.
    • “Elder’s Force”
      • 2% bonus damage per boon (self).
      • Alternative: Switch to “Soothing Bastion” to have the Crystal Hibernation shield automatically activate when health is below the threshold.


Specialization and Trait Recommendations:

Non-Herald Build (Shiro/Mallyx)

  • Corruption (3/1/2)
  • Invocation (3/2/1)
  • Devastation (3/2/1)

Non-Herald Specializations


Herald Build (Shiro/Glint)

  • Devastation (2/3/1)
  • Invocation (3/3/1)
  • Herald (3/2/1)

Herald Specializations


Revenant Weapons

A well equipped Revenant should have access to the following weapons.

  • Sword
  • Axe
  • Mace
  • Staff
  • Hammer
  • Shield (Elite)


  • Melee
    • Sword + Axe
      • The sword/axe combo provides the highest DPS.
    • Sword + Shield
      • Swapping out the axe for the shield gives you access to the “Crystal Hibernation” block skill.
    • Sword + Sword
      • Equipping a sword in the off-hand provides a blocking skill and a pull skill.
    • Mace + Axe/Shield/Sword
      • While the mace has limited use in optimal builds, it can be used to generate fire fields.
    • Staff
      • Decent DPS.
      • Skill #5 can demolish breakbars.
  • Ranged
    • Hammer
      • Learn to love the hammer, it’s the best ranged weapon the Revenant has.
      • Great for trash mobs and area damage.
      • Skill #4 can block projectiles and also provide a dark field that allows you to “life steal” while attacking through it.


  • Superior Sigil of Force
    • 5% damage increase
  • Superior Sigil of Night
    • 10% damage increase at night
  • Superior Sigil of Air
    • 50% chance for a damaging lightning strike on critical hits

Weapon Recommendations:

All weapons should have Berserker Stats and use Superior Sigils of Force + Night/Air.

  • Weapon Set #1
    • Sword/Axe
  • Weapon Set #2
    • Staff
  • Ranged
    • Hammer

Revenant Armor/Gear

Armor Stats

Stats Attr. 1 Attr. 2 Attr. 3 Attr. 4
Berserker’s Power Precision Ferocity
Zealot’s Power Precision Healing
Soldier’s Power Toughness Vitality
Viper Power Conditions Precision Expertise
Marauder Power Precision Ferocity Vitality

Rune Stats

Rune 1 2 3 4 5 6
Strength +25 Power +10% Might Duration +50 Power +15% Might Duration, 25% Chance to gain might when struck +100 Power +20% Might Duration, +5% Damage under the effect of might
Scholar +25 Power +35 Ferocity +50 Power +65 Ferocity +100 Power +10% Damage while health > 90%
Rage +25 Ferocity +10% Fury Duration +50 Ferocity 25% Chance to gain fury when struck +100 Ferocity +20% Fury Duration, +5% Damage under the effect of fury
Hoelbrak +25 Power +10% Might Duration +50 Power 25% Chance to gain might when struck +100 Power +20% Might Duration, -20% Condition Duration applied to you


  • Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup
  • Fried Golden Dumplings
  • Bountiful Sharpening Stones

Armor Recommendations:

  • Armor Stats
    • Berserker’s for highest DPS
    • Marauder for bonus vitality
  • Runes
    • Superior Runes of The Scholar for groups or as a cheaper alternative to Strength Runes
    • Superior Runes of Strength for solo might stacking
    • Superior Runes of Rage if you can’t afford the others
  • Accessories
    • Berserker’s
  • Infusions
    • Mighty


Final Revenant Build

Non-Herald (Shiro/Mallyx)

Non-Herald Build

Build Editor Link


Herald (Shiro/Glint)

Revenant Herald Build

Build Editor Link


Revenant Build Mechanics and Tips

  • Use the Facets provided by Glint until you run out of energy, then switch to Shiro.
  • When channeling Shiro, the goal is to use “Impossible Odds” as much as possible. The attack speed is increased significantly and provides huge DPS. When using the sword you should use skill 1 (auto-attack) for maximum DPS.
  • You can life steal with the hammer by activating skill #4, and then attacking normally through the dark field combo.
  • Staff skill #5 is very effective at destroying enemies’ breakbars.
  • The quickness provided by “Impossible Odds” will speed up just about any action, including healing, gathering, etc.
  • Your energy resets to 50 when you switch Legendary Stances.


Readers Comments (4)

  1. The images under specialization and traits don’t match up with the text – which is correct? Otherwise, good concise info here.

  2. Can you clarify the following? You state “In non-Herald builds, Shiro/Mallyx provide the highest level of DPS. Switching out Mallyx for Glint in a Herald build grants access to a number of valuable utility skills and traits, making Mallyx/Glint the superior Revenant build.”

    Would that actually need to be “In non-Herald builds, Shiro/Mallyx provide the highest level of DPS. Switching out Mallyx for Glint in a Herald build grants access to a number of valuable utility skills and traits, making Shiro/Glint the superior Revenant build.”

  3. Is this information still applicable for August 2018?


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