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Silverwastes Gold Guide - Guild Wars Hub

Silverwastes Gold Guide

The Silverwastes is an explorable map located in the Maguuma Wastes. You can access the Silverwastes through the western edge of Brisban Wildlands. The primary waypoint, “Camp Resolve” is located near the entrance to the Silverwastes. There are a few waypoints spread throughout the Silverwastes, but only the Camp Resolve waypoint is accessible most of the time, and it’s the only waypoint that offers convenient access to the main event areas of the Silverwastes. This Silverwastes gold guide aims to help you maximize your profit whether you enjoy completing events or opening chests.


The primary objective of the Silverwastes is to defend various forts from Mordrem attacks in preparation for the final event where players must kill the Mordrem Vinewrath’s Champions by successfully completing three separate siege lanes.

  • There are four forts to defend: Red Rock Bastion, Amber Sandfall, Indigo Cave and Blue Oasis.
  • Fort events include: Defending and protecting fort commanders, Repairing forts by gathering supplies and Escorting supplies carried by Pack Bulls.
  • Each completed event rewards players with a loot chest.
  • After the forts have been defended, but before the final event, a “Breach” event will occur where one or two of Mordremoth’s Champions spawn below each fort.
  • After the final event is completed, the map enters a “Time Out” until the next event cycle begins.
  • During this time out players gain access to the Tangled Labyrinth which contains Nightmare Pods that must be opened to complete tiered events.
  • Bandit Crests are the unique currency of the Silverwastes and are used to purchase rewards, Bandit Chest Keys, and Mordrem Extraction tools.
  • Mordrem Extraction tools can be used on defeated bosses to obtain organs that are then turned into Bandit Collectors located around the map to complete the Luminescent Collection achievement rewards.
  • Lost Badges are scattered throughout the Silverwastes and can be collected as part of an addition collection achievement.
  • There are Skritt Tunnels that help players traverse the Silverwastes.

Event Map

A Silverwastes “Event Map” refers to an instance of the map in which players work together to complete events, as opposed to a “Chest Train Map” where the goal of players is to systematically farm Lost Bandit Chests for loot.

Gold Tips

Your main goal for receiving the maximum amount of gold from participating in an event map should be to complete as many events as possible while helping your team and keeping an eye out for opportunities.

  • While traveling between forts, escort Pack Bulls to receive a bonus chest.
  • Fort events are chained together so don’t be afraid to stick around the fort for awhile.
  • Be on the lookout for resource nodes. Orrian Saplings and Orichalcum Ore can be found occasionally, but gathering Mithril Ore and Elder Wood can also add up fast. Cactus plants can also yield valuable ingredients.
  • While the main goal of an event map isn’t farming Bandit Chests, you should still keep your eyes peeled for them when they pop up. When another player uncovers a Bandit Chest your map will be pinged with a red marker indicating the location of the chest.
  • Make sure you stock up on Bandit Chest Keys from the merchants so that you don’t miss an opportunity for loot. Especially before the final event where you will gain access to 4 Lost Bandit Chests.
  • Veteran Mordrem will spawn near forts pretty often. You can complete these short events to get additional loot.
  • After the final event, 5 Mordrem Champions will spawn around the map. Most players immediately rush to kill these after looting the final boss, so I would recommend following them to the Champions. Killing even a few of these Champions will provide some worthwhile loot.
  • If you have accumulated any Nightmare Chest Keys, you should head to the Tangled Labyrinth which becomes accessible after the final event. There is a nearby Skritt tunnel which takes you there if the Hidden Depths waypoint is not available to you. You can participate in the tiered events where players rush around the maze to open Nightmare Pods, or use your Nightmare Key to open the Nightmare Chest in the middle of the labyrinth.

A full run of the Silverwastes can take around an hour or so depending on which stage you join. The most efficient players can earn upwards of 20 gold during one event cycle, and 10-15 gold is not uncommon.


Here is an example of a recent Silverwastes event map run I completed. I played very casually and didn’t try to maximize the gold I earned. Nevertheless I walked away with over 15 gold in profit after selling all the loot I received. I prepared for the run by making sure I had plenty of Bandit Chest Keys and Harvesting Tools. I also had a few Nightmare Keys. The total run took around 1.5 hours.


All of the loot I received

I sold everything that was worth more than 1 silver on the Trading Post and I sold everything else (mostly junk) to a merchant. I only received one exotic drop from the loot.


Trading Post Profit

The total amount of money earned, including the junk I sold to the merchant, was 15.58 gold.

Chest Train Map

In a “Chest Train” map players group together and go around the Silverwastes opening up Lost Bandit Chests. To find a chest train instance of the Silverwastes you should check the LFG tool and join a party to enter the map. There will normally be a commander leading the chest train.


Looking For Group Tool


Shovels and Chests

To unearth Lost Bandit Chests a player must equip a specialized shovel that pinpoints where the chest are located in addition to digging them up. These shovels can be obtained through random drops in the Silverwastes.


Shovel “2” Skill


When a chest is revealed, the location is pinged on the mini-map with a red waypoint.


Lost Bandit Chest waypoint

To open a chest you simply approach it and unlock it.


Gold Tips

  • Bring plenty of Bandit Chest Keys, I cannot emphasize this enough. You should bring AT LEAST 40 keys if not more.
  • Harvest resource nodes while traveling between chests, you should have plenty of time.
  • Stick with the group and try not to get lost.
  • Make sure you have enough inventory slots to store all the loot.


Here is an example of a Silverwastes Chest Train run. The total run took around 30 minutes and I netted over 4 gold. To prepare, I purchased 50 Bandit Chest Keys and made sure that I had plenty of gathering tools.


Chest Train Loot


Most of the loot isn’t worth much, but the 48 Embroidered Bags are. I sold everything except junk on the Trading Post using “sell instantly”.

Chest Train Gold

Trading Post Profit

The total amount earned, including junk items, was around 4.9 gold.

Final Thoughts

Don’t get too caught up on making as much gold is possible. While the Silverwastes is a great place to do it, you can still make plenty of gold without worrying about it.

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