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GW2 Crafting Stations Outside of Major Cities

August 19, 2016

Every major city in Guild Wars 2 features a set of crafting stations where players can craft various items and even access their personal banks. However, there are also several crafting stations in Tyria that are located outside of the major cities. Here is an overview of those “out-of-town” crafting stations spread around Tyria (PvE)

Blood Ruby Acquisition Guide

July 30, 2016

Blood Rubies are a map currency unique to Bloodstone Fen. These rubies are used to purchase Ascended trinkets and a backpiece that have selectable stats. One of the stat options for these new items is Viper’s, which was previously only obtainable through Raid rewards (except for the Mordrem Loop Ascended amulet obtained through HoT story achievements). This guide will explain all of the different methods of obtaining Blood Rubies.

Ranger Pet DPS Comparison

July 13, 2016

This Ranger Pet DPS comparison details the damage per second (DPS) of each Ranger pet, under various conditions.