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GW2 Converters Overview & Guide

Converters are a special set of items in Guild Wars 2 that allow players to convert certain materials and currencies into something more useful. Many of these converters were introduced in order to address player feedback related to the over-abundance of materials such as Bloodstone Dust, Dragonite Ore and Empyreal Fragments. There are currently seven different converters available and most of them are reasonably attainable. This guide provides an overview of the converters in Guild Wars 2.


Collect Jars For A Cheap 20 Slot Bag

By completing the “Uncanny Canner” collection achievement you will receive a 20 slot bag. This collection offers one of the quickest and cheapest ways to obtain a 20 slot bag. All you have to do is collect 11 different jars from various Karma Vendors. This guide will show you exactly how it’s done.


Converting Karma to Gold

So you’ve got Karma piling up in your wallet but you’re short on gold, what do you do? Well you can definitely squeeze some gold out of that Karma if you’re willing to go through a few steps to get there. Before you do anything though, you may want to ask yourself if there’s a better use for all of that Karma. Karma can be used to purchase cultural weapons, cooking ingredients, and even exotic armor. But most of all,…

Fashion Wars

Unique Karma Vendor Skins

Completing “hearts” around the various maps of Tyria grants players access to Karma Vendors. Many of these vendors sell unique weapon and armor skins that cannot be obtained anywhere else. What’s even better is that they’re cheap! For a few hundred karma a piece you can add some pretty awesome skins to your collection. This guide will help you find and purchase these unique karma vendor skins.