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Blood Ruby Acquisition Guide - Guild Wars Hub

Blood Ruby Acquisition Guide

Blood Rubies are a map currency unique to Bloodstone Fen. These rubies are used to purchase Ascended trinkets and a backpiece that have selectable stats. One of the stat options for these new items is Viper’s, which was previously only obtainable through Raid rewards (except for the Mordrem Loop Ascended amulet obtained through HoT story achievements). This guide will explain all of the different methods of obtaining Blood Rubies.

Ascended Blood Ruby Items

Ascended Blood Ruby Items

The Blood Ruby Ascended Items are desirable because they allow you to select from just about every stat combo in the game. In addition to Blood Rubies, each item requires a specified amount of “Unbound Magic”, which can be collected by completing events, gathering orbs, and mining Bloodstone nodes, etc. The “Bloodstone Capacitor” allows you to reset the selected stats of each Blood Ruby item. Although you cannot equip 2 of the same rings due to the fact that each one must be unique, you CAN equip 2 Blood Ruby Bands as long as one of them (but not both) is attuned or infused.

Blood Ruby Back Skin

Blood Ruby Backpack Skin

Blood Ruby Acquisition

Blood Rubies are acquired through various activities including: Completing certain events, mining Bloodstone nodes, completing story missions, etc.

Mining Bloodstone Crystal Nodes

Mining a Bloodstone node yields a Blood Ruby approximately 20-30% of the time. The amount of Bloodstone nodes that can be mined per day is limited to around 28-33 nodes per account, per day. The maps below show possible spawn locations for Bloodstone Crystal nodes in Bloodstone Fen.


Bloodstone Crystal Nodes are grouped into 3 zones, each with a separate cap. That’s why they disappear on you after you’re capped per zone, but if you move to a different area of the map, there’s more until you also reach the cap there. The zones are roughly:

  1. Haunted Canyons, up to the beginning of the crater
  2. Floating islands above the crater
  3. The inside of the crater and the guardian area

So if you see nodes disappearing, let’s say, in the green area under the airship, it’s a sign you’re capped there and should move.

Lower Level Bloodstone Node Map

r Level Bloodstone Node Map

Ground Level Bloodstone Node Map

Ground Level Bloodstone Node Map

Upper Level Bloodstone Node Map

Upper Level Bloodstone Node Map

Home Instance Bloodstone Crystal Node

A Bloodstone Crystal node for your home instance is available for purchase from the Airship Unbound Magic Collector Vendor for 10k Unbound Magic + 50g.

Home Instance Bloodstone Node

This Bloodstone node provides a guaranteed 3 Blood Rubies per day when mined.

Bloodstone Crystal Node


Major Map Events

There are several Bloodstone Fen events that give Blood Rubies as a reward.

Defeat the Spirit of Justiciar Hablion – 3 Blood Rubies

Zealot’s Overlook Waypoint

Event chain restarts 30 minutes after the last time Hablion was defeated on a given map.

Blood Rubies are contained in the chest that appears after defeating Justiciar Hablion. Limited to 3 Rubies per character, per day.

Justiciar Hablion

Defeat the Jade Constructs – 2 Blood Rubies

Depth’s of The Maw Waypoint

Event chain restarts 1 hour after the last time the Unbound Guardian was defeated on a given map.

Blood Rubies are awarded after defeating the final 2 Jade Constructs as part of the first half of the Bloodstone Maw meta event. Limited to 2 Rubies per character, per day.

Jade Construct

Legendary Unbound Guardian – 4 Blood Rubies

The Blood Rubies are looted from the chest after defeating the final boss of the Bloodstone Maw meta event chain. Appears to be unlimited, but some players are reporting it is limited to ~8-16 rubies per character due to diminishing returns.


The Legendary Unbound Guardian stops dropping his rubys after 3 kills in a row.
But if you do the jade event before it again on the same charakter, dr will be gone.

Legendary Unbound Guardian

Escort Alari Doubleblade – 1 Blood Ruby

This event occurs at ground level after defeating the 4 ghostly champions. The Blood Rubies are rewarded after the escort event is successful. Limited to  Ruby per character, per day.

Doubleblade Event


Bloodstone Fen Dailies

There are 4 Bloodstone Fen Dailies that reward 1 Blood Ruby each.

Blodstone Fen Daily Chests

Map Completion

Completing Bloodstone Fen will award 5 Blood Rubies per character.

Bloodstone Fen Map Completion

Map Bonus Rewards

A Blood Ruby can be earned as part of the Map Bonus reward rotation in Bloodstone Fen.

Bloodstone Fen Map Bonus

Story Missions

The final story mission of LS3 Episode 1 rewards 4 Blood Rubies (3 from bouncy chest + 1 from physical chest).

Reward Tracks

Completing the PvP or WvW “Bloodstone Fen” reward tracks give 50 Blood Rubies from the final chest.

Bloodstone Reward Track

Tip: Use reward track Boosters (Experience Booster, Heroic Booster, etc.) and/or Guild Boosters (WvW Reward Track Booster, PvP Reward Track Booster) to speed up the process.


Source # of Blood Rubies Limit?
Bloodstone Nodes ~10 Account/Day
Home Instance Node 3 Account/Day
Justiciar Hablion 3 Character/Day
Jade Construct 2 Character/Day
Unbound Guardian 4 Unlimited?
Alari Doubleblade 1 Character/Day
Bloodstone Fen Dailies 4 Account/Day
Map Completion 5 Character/Once
Map Bonus 1 Unlimited
Story 4 Character/Once
Reward Track 50 Unlimited


Daily Routine

  • Bloodstone Nodes: ~10 Blood Rubies
  • Home Instance Node: 3 Blood Rubies
  • Meta Events: 10 Blood Rubies
  • Dailies: 4 Blood Rubies

Total Daily Routine Count: ~27 Blood Rubies

*This assumes one character and one meta event chain, although you can get many more rubies per day.

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