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Ascalonian Catacombs Dungeon Quick Guide - Guild Wars Hub

Ascalonian Catacombs Dungeon Quick Guide

This guide provides an overview of the Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon located in Plains of Ashford.

Ascalonian Catacombs Overview

Level 30/35
Waypoint Ascolonian Catacombs Waypoint [&BIYBAAA=]
Rewards Up to 26 silver + 50 silver & 60 tokens (per path)
Potion None/Extended Potion of Ghost Slaying

Ascalonian Catacombs Map

Common Path

  • From the start of the dungeon make your way forward, avoiding traps and disposing of the Graveling Breeder that spawns
  • Proceed through the open door to the Priory camp
  • Talk to the NPC and select a path
  • (Optional) Destroy the Graveling Burrow at the bottom of the spiral stairs
  • Continue straight through the crypt area and jump onto the left portion of the lower wall, taking care to avoid nearby traps
  • (Optional) Destroy the flame shooting Gargoyles (4) on the walls of the next room
  • After jumping down from the wall, the Spider Queen will spawn once enough of the smaller spiders have been defeated
    • The SQ uses powerful poison AOE attacks so your party may want to engage her at range to avoid the poison
  • Defeat the Gravelings in the next hallway and avoid the spike traps
    • It is recommended that you engage the Gravelings at the hallway entrance, prioritizing the Elites, before navigating through the traps
  • Head left after the hallway and make your way to the platform in the middle to fight Lieutenant Kholer
    • You may want to stack against a nearby column and pull Kholer to your location
    • The main attack to watch out for is his powerful pull attack which is preceded by his sword swing animation. This attack can be negated by reflections, blocks, or stability
  • (Random) The Cave Troll boss may randomly spawn at various points in the dungeon
    • His main attacks are fear, lightning projectiles and AOE stomp


Path 1 – Hodgins’s Plan

  • From Kholer head South down the tunnel with the flame-throwing gargoyle heads
    • You can jump onto the gargoyle’s heads and make your way down that way to minimize damage
  • After entering the next room you must defend Hodgins while destroying graveling burrows that appear on each side of the room
    • You may want to break up into 2 teams in order to cover all of the burrows
  • Take the newly available waypoint that leads to the room where the first scepter is located
    • Simply go up the stairs and traverse the wooden planks until you reach a stone coffin
  • Waypoint back to the center of the map where Kholer was defeated and head West across the bridge
  • At the next room turn right (North) and continue up to the second floor tunnel
  • Continue forward, sticking to the left wall in order to prevent oozes from spawning
  • Have 1-2 people stay behind with Hodgins while the others enter the large chamber to recover the remaining scepter pieces
  • Talk to Hodgins after the scepter pieces have been recovered to spawn a new waypoint where your party can regroup
  • Head South back towards the entrance you initially came through and then turn West to enter the graveling tunnels
    • You can fight your way through the tunnels, but running through the next part is recommended
    • Run straight ahead and turn right at the first dead end followed by an immediate left
    • Continue running straight as you exit the narrow corridors and take the middle of the three paths to the left
    • Run all the way to the alcove against the far North wall if you need to lose aggro
  • Finally you must defeat the Howling King boss located in the adjacent area
    • His main attacks are a sonic cone (preceded by rearing back) and a laser that causes confusion (preceded by arm flailing and swaying in a circle)


Path 2 – Detha’s Plan

  • From Kholer head East through the tunnel and then turn right (South)
  • Either fight your way through the mobs or continue running all the way to the “room of pits” by turning left as you approach the southern wall
  • Position 1 player at each group of chains (3 players total, with the players on the sides moving between 2 of the 5 chains) to activate the spike traps where the gravelings will be, and 2 players in the spike traps to kite the gravelings into the traps and to prevent them from reaching the chain area
    • Eventually a Graveling Breeder will spawn and the event will be completed once it is defeated
  • Waypoint back to the center area where Kholer was defeated and head North to the final area
    • This is another situation where you can either fight your way through or simply run until you get to the large chamber
  • Defend the NPC from mobs while she repairs the 3 cannons
  • After the cannons are repaired the Ghost Eater boss will spawn
    • The Ghost Eater starts with a shield that makes it invulnerable and will spawn oozes if hit with specialized rifles that are nearby
    • The canon traps must be charged by lifting and pulling oozes close to the traps with the rifles
    • You can charge 1-3 traps at a time and they will release when the Ghost Eater approaches them
    • Successfully drawing the Ghost Eater into a charged trap removes its ghost shield allowing you to attack


Path 3 – Tzark’s Plan

  • From Kholer head East through the tunnel and continue running East to the large room with Asuran Beacons
    • You can fight your way to this room or simply run to it and de-aggro any straggling mobs
  • Defend the beacons by quickly destroying the graveling burrows that continuously spawn around the room
  • Head North through a small room and continue running until you get to the Hall of Champions
  • Destroy all 5 of the large burrows spread throughout this large room as you proceed North
  • Waypoint to the room located West of the Hall of Champions and make your through the graveling tunnels as described in Path 1
  • The final boss is located in the same area as Path 1
    • Colossus Rumblus will cause a deadly “cave-in” that is preceded by him getting on all fours and flailing his arms
    • To avoid this attack you can stay near the Warmaster for protection
    • Other attacks include launches and earthquakes


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  1. Thanks for posting this. I was looking for an in-depth impressions online, and this has to be the best written one i have seen so far. Hopefully people will take the time to read it despite it being a long blog post.


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