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Elite Specs: 100 Hero Points in 20 Minutes - Guild Wars Hub

Elite Specs: 100 Hero Points in 20 Minutes

Fully unlocking an Elite Specialization requires a large number of Hero Points. While the Hero Challenges in Heart of Thorns provide 10 Hero Points per challenge, it can be time consuming to complete many of the Hero Challenges that require a coordinated group effort. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the quickest Hero Challenges for a character starting Heart of Thorns. This guide contains mostly “Commune” Hero Challenges that only require players to locate and interact with them. With the route outlined below it is possible to obtain 100 Hero Points in around 20 minutes.

Verdant Brink Hero Challenges

Verdant Brink HP Map

#1 – Wyvern Nesting Grounds

Wyvern Nesting Grounds HP

Clear out the Wyverns that spawn in the area and commune with the Hero Challenge marker. You can glide down towards the next Hero Challenge when you’ve finished.

#2 – Nuhoch Alchemical Energy

Located near the bottom of a ravine. Commune with the Hero Challenge then take the Nuhoch Tunnel if you have the ability unlocked. Otherwise you can glide out or waypoint.

#3 – Ancient Fighting Pit

Ancient Fighting Pit HP

There are stairs leading to this hero Challenge as you make your way up the ruins. You may want to get the nearby waypoint if you haven’t already.

#4 – Pact Airship Wreckage

Pact Airship Wreckage HP

You can glide to this Hero Challenge from the ruins area if you climb to the top of the plateau and enter the Canopy using the large vines.

#5 – Abyssal Depths

From the previous Hero Challenge, glide down towards this one which is located near the very bottom of the lower layer. After claiming the Hero Point you can take the Nuhoch Tunnel back up as you head to the next challenge.

#6 – Ancient Tree

The next challenge is located in a large hollow tree in the lower layer. After you’re done you can glide out of the tree and head right to find an updraft that will help you get to the next Hero Challenge.

#7 – Cliffside Ruins

Glide around to the North side of the cliff-face to find the next Hero Challenge. To save time traveling to Auric Basin, you can glide straight across the gorge and use to portal located inside the Guild Hall entrance on the left wall.


Auric Basin Hero Challenges

Auric Basin HP Map

#8 – Toxic Bacon

Toxic Bacon HP

The Toxic Bacon Hero Challenge is the only non-commune challenge on this list, but we included it because it literally takes 60 seconds to complete. You have to eat the toxic bacon and stay alive for 60 seconds as it drains your health. You have access to a special heal skill that restores 25% health with a 6 second cool-down. If you have trouble with this challenge you may want to bring some sort of health regeneration skill/consumable.

#9 – Burnisher Quarry

Burnisher Quarry HP

You can reach the Burnisher Quarry area by using the Nuhoch Tunnel to the North-East of The previous Hero Challenge. If you don’t have access to Nuhoch Tunnels, you can access the quarry by heading North from Eastwatch.

#10 – Exalted Overlook

Start from the upper level of North Tarir and glide down to this Hero Challenge.

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  1. Thanks, very helpful.

  2. That’s stupid idea, that they require some Hero challenges done in group event, Hero challenges are one-time event for each character, once it is done there is no point doing it again which mean it will be difficult to find group to do that unless you find someone willing to help you.

  3. Maybe should have said in the start you need a glider and unlock mushrooms…. but yeah… ok guilde

  4. so helpful !! thank you very much

  5. Good post, but I dont agree with some points that you made. You are going to need a team. And once you completed it, you dont need to do it again. So far, if you are going to do it in party, there are some special emotes commands that are going to be helpful as well. Ive learnt it in this post ! hope you like it


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