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Invisible Shoes Finally Discovered - Guild Wars Hub

Invisible Shoes Finally Discovered

Invisible Shoes are a completely transparent footwear skin that first showed up in the character wardrobe preview after the Heart of Thorns launch update. The shoes were confirmed to exist by a developer, and players have been searching for weeks, trying to find these shoes.

Well now it appears that they do indeed exist. A player over on the GW2 forums posted a screenshot of an Invisible Boot Box that lets you select invisible footwear of the desired armor weight.

Invisible Boot Box

This player listed the Invisible Stompers on the Trading Post and sold them for 1500 gold. Since the sell, he has confirmed that the Invisible Boot Box was dropped from Treasure Mushrooms in the Dragon’s Stand map. At least one other player has reported receiving the Invisible Boot Box from the same area.

While Dragon’s Stand is not the only location in the game where the Invisible Shoes can drop, it is where most players have reported receiving the Invisible Boot Box drop. This would also explain why it has taken so long for the Invisible Shoes to show up since there haven’t been a lot of players completing the Treasure Mushroom event. The Invisible Shoes also fit in thematically with the “Invisible” Treasure Mushroom.

“Find and Slay The Treasure Mushroom!”

The Treasure Mushroom event is accessible after the Meta-Event has been completed in Dragon’s Stand. The event begins at the Third Central Checkpoint located in Central Barbed Gate region.

Third Central Waypoint

In order to see and damage the Treasure Mushroom, players must have the Nuhoch Stealth Detection Mastery unlocked. Once the Treasure Mushroom is attacked it will begin to flee and will disappear after 10 seconds if he is not damaged.


  • 26k+ Experience Points
  • 5 Airship Parts
  • 1 Spirit Shard
  • Map Bonus Reward
  • Invisible Mushroom Spore
  • 1 Piece of Rare Equipment

Other Locations

There has been at least one report of a player receiving the Invisible Boot Box from a Treasure Mushroom drop in Verdant Brink.

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