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Black Lion Chest Drop Rate Data - Guild Wars Hub

Black Lion Chest Drop Rate Data

Black Lion Chests contain an assortment of Black Lion items and are opened with a Black Lion Chest Key. The chests themselves are easy enough to come by but the BL Keys can only be obtained through map completion rewards, rare drops, and by purchasing them directly from the Gem Store for 125 gems a piece. BL chests have the potential to reward highly valuable items, but as you’ll see, the odds are not in you favor. We’ve compiled a set of Black Lion Chest drop results based on 397 data points. This data is recorded from BL Chests that were opened in the time period since Heart of Thorns was released, in order to provide current data. While this sample size is not large enough to draw definite conclusions, it should give you an idea of what to expect should you decide to spend your money on BL Chest Keys.

Black Lion Chest Results Overview

In each BL Chest there will always be one booster (XP, Item, Regen, etc), which is why their drop rate is listed as 100%. Aside from boosters, you can see that the top item drops are “Black Lion Ticket Scraps” and “Unidentified Dyes”. The rarest drops appear to be “Black Lion Claim Tickets”, “Permanent Nodes”, and other “Permanent” items.

Black Lion Chest Trivia

  • You would have to open an average of 22 BL Chests to receive enough BL Ticket Scraps for a full BL Claim Ticket
  • A full BL Claim Ticket is awarded, on average, every 200 BL Chests
  • Although the Raven Mail Carrier only has a 0.5% chance to drop, its market value is only a few silver
  • Based on current Gem Exchange Rates, it costs approximately 23 gold to open 1 BL Chest

Black Lion Chest Full Results Data

The following data is based on 397 opened Black Lion Chests.

Bank Account Expresses4411.1%
Black Lion Chest Key153.8%
Black Lion Claim Ticket20.5%
Black Lion Salvage Kit51.3%
Black Lion Ticket Scraps18546.6%
Boxes O' Fun82%
Crafting Bag - Heavy82%
Crafting Bag - Large102.5%
Crafting Bag - Medium123%
Dye - Unidentified9223.2%
Dye Kits256.3%
Dye Packs61.5%
Instant Repair Canisters4110.1%
Mail Carriers20.5%
Merchant Expresses4210.6%
Mist Champion10.3%
Mystery Tonics4010%
Orichalcum Mining Node10.3%
Permanent BL Merchant Contract10.3%
Permanent Finisher41%
Platinum Mining Node10.3%
Revive Orbs102.5%
Self Style Hair Kits51.3%
Teleport To Friend5413.6%
Tomes of Knowledge6516.4%
Total Makeover Kits51.3%
Toy Miniature Eggs399.8%
Trading Post Expresses4912.3%
Transmutation Charges5914.9%


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