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Kill Shot Warrior Build Guide - Guild Wars Hub

Kill Shot Warrior Build Guide

“Kill Shot Warrior” is a rifle based build that’s designed around the “Kill Shot” burst skill. With the right combination of traits and specializations a KS Warrior can unleash devastating attacks. This build guide focuses on PvE and describes what we consider to be a “fun” warrior build.

Kill Shot Warrior Damage

Build Highlights

  • Incredible single-target damage
  • Decent multiple-target damage with piercing shots
  • Great mobility and range

“Berserker” Kill Shot Warrior

The Berserker variant of the KS Warrior is the superior build thanks to the “Gun Flame” primal burst skill which allows for incredible damage output and mobility. Once you get your skill rotation down, you will be able to unleash up to 4 Gun Flame kill shots in rapid succession.

Specialization #1: Strength

Strength Traits

  • Recommended Traits:
    • Restorative Strength
      • Effect: Gain might from heal skills (150 Power for 8.75s)
      • Not a lot of interesting traits in the first tier. Additional might never hurts.
    • Forceful Greatsword
      • Effect: Gain might on critical hits (30 Power for 7.25s) + Increased Damage (+10%) + Reduced Recharge (-20%)
      • Too good to pass up if you decide to run Rifle + Greatsword. Otherwise you may want to consider “Great Fortitude” (10% of Power added to Vitality) or “Body Blow” (Stuns, dazes, knockbacks, etc. inflict weakness and bleeding)
    • Berserker’s Power
      • Effect: 10s damage boost from burst skills (10/15/20%)
      • One of the must-have traits for this build. You will be using burst skills A LOT so this 20% damage boost will make a huge difference.

Specialization #2: Discipline

Discipline Traits

  • Recommended Traits:
    • Crack Shot
      • Effect: Rifle shots pierce + recharge reduced 20%
      • Another must-have trait. Allows rifle shots to pierce through multiple enemies. Great for lining enemies up and decimating mobs.
    • Destruction of the Empowered
      • Effect: 3% damage boost per boon on target
      • Another trait that doesn’t make a huge difference. You could also take “Inspiring Battle Standard” (for banner regeneration) or “Brawler’s Recovery” (remove condition on weapon swap)
    • Burst Mastery
      • Effect: 7% damage boost to burst skills + 33% of adrenaline restored
      • Provides a significant damage increase to burst skills and allows you to fire off kill shots faster by restoring adrenaline.

Specialization #3: Berserker (Elite)

Berserker Traits

  • Recommended Traits:
    • Smash Brawler
      • Effect: Primal burst skills and berserk mode recharge decreased by 33%
      • Allows for rapidly firing the “Gun Flame” primal burst skill and re-entering berserk mode faster.
    • Blood Reaction
      • Effect: Ferocity bonus based on Precision (7% base/14% berserk mode)
      • Increases ferocity which improves critical damage.
    • King of Fires
      • Effect: Burning for 2.75s + 33% duration increase + critical hits spread fire to nearby foes
      • This trait doesn’t have a large impact on damage, but every bit helps.

Non-Berserker Kill Shot Warrior

The non-berserker variant of the KS warrior is not as powerful, but still has some useful traits. The specializations are the same as the Berserker build except that the Elite Specialization is swapped out for the “Arms” trait line.

Specialization #3: Arms

Arms Traits

  • Recommended Traits:
    • Berserker’s Fury
      • Effect: Gain adrenaline in combat + Gain fury from striking foes below health threshold (20% critical chance for 5s)
      • Provides much needed adrenaline generation.
    • Unsuspecting Foe
      • Effect: Increased critical chance against stunned foes (50% boost)
      • Weakest trait in this specialization. Provides additional damage to stunned foes nonetheless.
    • Burst Precision
      • Effect: 100% critical chance increase for burst skills
      • Allows for increased damage when using the “Kill Shot” burst skill.


The recommended skills are the same for both build variants.

Kill Shot Warrior Skills

  • Recommended Skills:
    • “To The Limit!”
      • Effect: Heal and regain all adrenaline
      • Great for its large heal and adrenaline refill.
    • “On My Mark!”
      • Effect: Make target foe vulnerable (+10% incoming damage for 10s)
      • Significantly boosts damage output.
    • Frenzy
      • Effect: Gain quickness and might for 6.5s (Skills and actions 50% faster + 150 power)
      • Helpful for building adrenaline quickly and for rapid firing.
    • Signet of Fury
      • Effect: Passive – precision boost (180 Precision) + Active – Gain full adrenaline
      • Aside from the nice precision increase, this skill is another useful tool for generating adrenaline.
    • Signet of Rage
      • Effect: Passive – Gain adrenaline + Active – Gain fury, might, and swiftness for 27.5s (20% crit chance, 150 power, 33% movement speed)
      • Great for generating adrenaline and generally increasing damage output/combat effectiveness.


Build Mechanics

Your main goal when using this build is to build up enough adrenaline and fire off your rifle burst skill.

Example Combat Rotation:

  1. Signet of Rage
  2. Begin attacking target
  3. Frenzy
  4. Volley
  5. Brutal Shot
  6. “On My Mark!”
  7. Enter Berserk mode/Fire Kill Shot
  8. Volley
  9. Gun Flame/Kill Shot
  10. Signet of Fury
  11. Gun Flame/Kill Shot
  12. “To The Limit!”
  13. Gun Flame/ Kill Shot

Build Editor Links

Berserker Kill Shot Warrior Build

Non-Berserker Kill shot Warrior Build

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  1. the build is really great, loving it in silverwastes.


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