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Treasure Mushroom Locations - Guild Wars Hub

Treasure Mushroom Locations

Treasure Mushrooms are a special type of stealth enemy unique to Heart of Thorns. They cannot be detected or damaged by players that do not have the Nuhoch Stealth Detection Mastery unlocked. Treasure Mushrooms are the only enemies that drop Invisible Boot Boxes, one of the rarest and most desired items in Guild Wars 2. This guide will show you the location of each Treasure Mushroom in Heart of Thorns.

Treasure Mushrooom Close

Treasure Mushroom Locations

There is one Treasure Mushroom in each of the Heart of Thorns maps except for Dragon’s Stand, which has three Treasure Mushrooms. This brings the total number of Treasure Mushrooms to six across all maps.

Verdant Brink – 1 Treasure Mushroom

Located to the North of the Treacherous Paths Waypoint near the South-West corner of Verdant Brink. Mordrem enemies surround the area where the Treasure Mushroom spawns, so be conscious of your surroundings before you rush in.

Treasure Mushroom Verdant Brink Map

Treasure Mushroom Verdant Brink

Auric Basin – 1 Treasure Mushroom

Located in the Weeping Glade region just South of Eastwatch Waypoint in Auric Basin.

Treasure Mushroom Auric Basin Map

Treasure Mushroom Auric Basin2

Tangled Depths – 1 Treasure Mushroom

Located near the Northern Nuhoch Lane area of the Tangled Depths.

Treasure Mushroom Tangled_Depths Map

Treasure Mushroom Tangled Depths

Dragon’s Stand – 3 Treasure Mushrooms

After the meta event is completed a Treasure Mushroom will spawn in each of the three lanes.

  • Northern Forward Camp
  • Central Advance Camp
  • Southern Advance Camp

Treasure Mushroom Dragons Stand Map

You can repeat the first mushroom if you have enough time, although you will not receive the daily reward again.

Treasure Mushroom Mechanics


  • Permanent Invisibility
  • Requires Nuhoch Stealth Detection Mastery
  • Cannot do damage without Stealth Mastery


Treasure Mushroom Auric Basin

  • Spawn in the exact same locations
  • Neutral Yellow Mob
  • Event starts when TM takes damage


  • Average kill time ranges from 1-2 minutes, depending on the amount of players
  • Treasure Mushrooms reset in 8 to 10 minute intervals (approx)

Treasure Mushroom Rewards

Treasure Mushroom Rewards

Invisible Boot Box

  • One of the rarest drops in the game
  • Contains Invisible Shoe skins of varying armor weights
  • Recent TP listings sold for over 1.5k gold

Spirit Shards

  • One Spirit Shard per Treasure Mushroom (limit 3/day)

Invisible Mushroom Spores

Treasure Mushroom Spore

  • Part of Specialization Collections
  • Same Treasure Mushroom can drop different types of spores

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