Halloween Event Guide

“Shadow of The Mad King” is an annual Guild Wars 2 Halloween event that has returned for 2015. The event began on October 23rd and will run for 2 weeks, ending on Wednesday, November 4th. This Halloween Event Guide will explain everything there is to do and how to obtain all of the new rewards, skins, and achievements. So let’s get started.


Tattered Bat Wings to Craft NightFury

Tattered Bat Wings are a new Halloween item used to craft a bat-themed Ascended shoulder piece called “NightFury”. NightFury is not a traditional armor piece since it is only visible as an effect in the form of a bat swarm. When crafted it unlocks the skin for each armor weight. The final recipe currently costs well over 1000 gold to craft. You need to have level 450 in Armorsmith and 400 in Huntsman to make some items.


Bandit Weapons Collection Guide

The “Bandit Weapons Specialist” is a basic collection achievement that requires players to obtain all 19 Bandit Weapons. Upon completion players are rewarded with a variety of loot including a 20 slot bag called the “Bandit Coin Purse”. This guide will show you how to complete the Bandit Weapons Collection, with detailed explanations of each method.

Fashion Wars

Unique Karma Vendor Skins

Completing “hearts” around the various maps of Tyria grants players access to Karma Vendors. Many of these vendors sell unique weapon and armor skins that cannot be obtained anywhere else. What’s even better is that they’re cheap! For a few hundred karma a piece you can add some pretty awesome skins to your collection. This guide will help you find and purchase these unique karma vendor skins.