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Tattered Bat Wings to Craft NightFury - Guild Wars Hub

Tattered Bat Wings to Craft NightFury

Tattered Bat Wings are a new Halloween item used to craft a bat-themed Ascended shoulder piece called “NightFury”. NightFury is not a traditional armor piece since it is only visible as an effect in the form of a bat swarm. When crafted it unlocks the skin for each armor weight. The final recipe currently costs well over 1000 gold to craft. You need to have level 450 in Armorsmith and 400 in Huntsman to make some items.



Final Recipe

Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4
Endless Bat-wing Brew Gift of Darkness Vision Crystal Preserved Bat Wing


NightFury Recipe #1

Recipe below is the 4th item


Preserved Bat Wing

4th Item Recipe

Total Cost To Craft:

**Updated 11/3**

Component # Each Total
Endless Bat-wing Brew  1  557 g  557 g
Vision Crystal* 1 2.25 g 2.25 g
Gift of Darkness* 1 135 g 135 g
Preserved Bat Wing:
1. Bat Wing*
Tattered Bat Wing 4 19 g 76 g
Vial of Powerful Blood 120 50 s 60 g
Mystic Coin 250 10 s 25 g
Bloodstone Brick* 20 15 s 3 g
2. Glacial Lodestone  250  90 s 225 g
3. Vial of Linseed Oil 250 2.1 g  525g
4. Vial of Green Goo  1 195 g  195g
Glob of Ectoplasm 20 37 s 7.4 g
Pristine Toxic Spore Sample 50 12 s 6 g
Vial of Linseed Oil 50 2.1 g 105 g
Lump of Glass 50 80 s 40 g
Total 1803 g

*Account Bound

Step 1: Obtain/Craft Required Items

How to Acquire Tattered Bat Wings

Tattered Bat Wings can be obtained from the following places:

  • Mad King’s Chest after completing “Mad King Says” in Lion’s Arch
  • Mad King Dungeon Chest
  • Trading Post

How to Obtain Endless Bottle of Bat-Wing Brew

Endless Bottle of Bat-Wing Brew is obtained from:

  • Trick-or-Treat Bags
  • Trading Post

How to Craft Vision Crystal


  • 5 Bloodstone Brick
  • 5 Empyreal Star
  • 5 Dragonite Ingot
  • Augur’s Stone

How to Make Gift of Darkness


  • Gift of Ascalon (500 Tears of Ascalon from Dungeon Vendor)
  • 250 Orichalcum Ingot
  • 250 Cured Hardened Leather Square
  • 100 Onyx Lodestone


Second Step: Creating “Bat Wing”

Bat Wing

Here is the recipe for creating the Bat Wing item, which is a prerequisite for crafting NightFury:

Combining these items in the Mystic Forge will give you “Bat Wing”.

Third Step: Create Vial of Green Goo

1. Glob of Ectoplasm x20
2. Pristine Toxic Spore Sample x50
3. Vial of Linseed Oil x50:
Pile of Flax Seed x20
Milling Basin
Milling Stone x5
4. Lump of Glass x50:
Thermocatalytic Reagent
Pile of Coarse Sand x3

Step 4: Create Preserved Bat Wing

You will need to combine the recently created Vial of Green Goo and Bat Wing with 250 Glacial Lodestones and 250 Vials of Linseed Oil. This will create the Preserved Bat Wing.

  • Vial of Green Goo
  • Bat Wing
  • 250 Glacial Lodestones
  • 250 Vials of Linseed Oil

Step 5: Combine Final Items To Create NightFury

Now that you have all of the necessary items, combine them all in the Mystic Forge to craft Nightfury.

  • Endless Bottle of Bat-Wing Brew
  • Vision Crystal
  • Gift of Darkness
  • Preserved Bat Wing

Picture posted by /u/MalakiTheReaper:

Nightfury Crafted


Readers Comments (113)

  1. FrustratedGuildwarsplayer October 23, 2015 @ 6:54 pm

    Its insane, how this item has been online.

    Noone is able to find out the ingrediants

    Batwing, Gift of Darknss, Endless bat potion , XXXX?

    • You’re right, it is pretty crazy how the recipe remains a mystery. I’ve updated the list to reflect the information in your comment. With the Gift of Darkness, this item keeps getting more expensive to make.

    • has anyone tried the Ley-line spark yet?

      • That’s a good question. I’ll report back if I find that it has been tested. As of know I haven’t seen that it has.

        Edit: Just received a report confirming that it does NOT work. I’ve added it to the list.

  2. Endless beer don’t work…

  3. Sorry it works with other parts 🙂 my bad !

  4. Christopher Touceda October 25, 2015 @ 1:14 am

    Ive tested the endless bat tonic. it doesnt work. Be adviced

  5. but there isnt 3 recipes for light, medium and heavy?

    • At this point we can’t say for sure. It follows logically that there could be 3 recipes, but it may just be 1 recipe that unlocks all 3 skins. I for one hope it’s the latter since the cost to craft this thing is so high.

  6. Has anyone tried plastic fangs, or the high-quality plastic fangs?

  7. Nobody tested if mystic coins are needed for the second recipe too?

  8. Gift of lightning don’t work… Just tried !

  9. Gift of darkness does not work

  10. Fangs do not work

  11. Love the updates I check back every hour lol keep up the good work!

  12. Anyone try if the “Gift of Gliding” trophy works with the Bat wing, or the mystic forge for that matter?

  13. Tattered Bat Wing is also a Scribe crafting material. What is it used for, there?

  14. Has anyone tried Gift of Moon?

  15. Forgive my ignorance (I don’t really craft much), but are trophies (junk) useable in mystic forge crafting?

    If so the most blatantly obvious reference to Toothless would be the Fin you get from Skale. It’s a red fin; exactly the same as his.

    Just been watching and this was the first thing I thought of.

    • Reason I say this is due to the reference and due to it being a non buy able low cost addition to the already expensive recipe. Not like anyone tests junk for recipe usage too. Could be why no one has found it.

      And again I don’t know if you can use junk for mystic forge.

    • I’m pretty sure junk does not show up on the MF screen.

      • I picked up a “tail fin” from the skale in Mount Maelstrom. I thought that one would make the most sense as “Nightfury” is missing part of his tail. Doesn’t show up on the MF screen. 🙁

  16. Something to note is in the wardrobe, Nightfury is a common rarity.

    It’s name is white.

  17. With toothless being the last of its kind, has anyone made reference to glint or her egg?

  18. Wanda Blads Lent me some oil, so I was able to test somethings. All are no on both ends of the recipes
    Mad Memories, green and orange form
    All Halloween weapons that arent skins. (BLkey ones and the 2012 craftable ones)
    All current halloween mats, and their refined forms.
    All Halloween tonics, including endless halloween tonic from 2012.
    Final Rest
    Tasi’s golem and candy corn powered machine
    Blade shards/ watchwork mechanisms
    With that you can rule out most of the halloween stuff. I think I only missed the minis (all of mine are account bound) and the halloween 2012 skins. I doubt theyed use the later however.

  19. I’m not sure if any of these trophies will work in the forge, but here’s the wiki page for them:
    There’s a few different eggs to try, maybe the frozen fish? Nightfury likes fish.

  20. I’m wondering if they hid a dragon’s nest or something to interact with in one of the cities along with the Halloween decorations. Maybe Hoelbrak? It seems to fit the best with the movie theme. Just throwing some ideas out there.

  21. Has anyone tried to use a Tattered Batwing in Scribe crafting? This may lead to one or both of the missing items.

    • i haven’t seen anyone mention that Tattered Batwings are a 300 crafting material for Scribes!!!

      • Reddit user /u/Oktadezimal:

        The tattered wings can be made with scribe 300 into a mechanical/paper/leather wing, which then combined with the batwing, seed oil and glacial will give complete wings. These will then have to be combined with the rest to give nightfury. The problem is… does anyone already have a scribe 300?

        *Note he is stating a theory, not a fact.

    • I don’t think anyone has tested that yet. In fact I don’t think I’ve seen anyone with a Scribe level over 200 yet. I believe Linseed Oil is another Scribe crafting material that requires level 300.

      • I’ve leveled mine to lvl 139 and its already cost me something like 600g. its insanely expensive until guild upgrades are far enough that you cna buy basic decorations off the merchant. I’ve stopped leveling it now as I fear I cant even afford the damned shoulder at this rate.

  22. Has anyone tried the bat wing glider that is in the gem store?

  23. Copying my post from the reddit thread (

    Might be minor spoilers for some people that didn’t get to the second map yet!

    Following the Toothless theory:
    I just attempted to kill Legendary Vinetooth Prime twice.
    It spawns after the third east pylon event in Auric Basin at Vinetooth Den
    Its a really hard boss that requires great CC coordination. When he targets someone, that person will go down and die (giving another stack for its buff) unless you break the breakbar.
    And now guess what, just west of that boss area there they were again! The vampires! And also a new type: Bloodsucker.

  24. Gift of Gliding isn’t actually an item and therefore not forgeable

  25. Guys you already try whith the mystic stones?

  26. Just wondering, has anyone went to the map “Dragon Stand” and see whats there or is it not accessible right now?? I see it under the “Tangled Deaths” map and maybe since Nightfury is a dragon, there might be something there?

  27. so we need to find a 300 Scribe :\

  28. I’m not sure but in the movie, nightfury only came during night. In the first map we have a day and night feature. maybe there is a mob (vampirebat) type that only spawns at night?
    There are dark caves in the new maps.
    In the movie, the towns peaple never saw nightfury, because of the darkness. maybe it is in some dark cave?

  29. Based on what his tail is in the movie, I tried every cloth and leather strap in game, including drops. No luck. Tried backpack frame too for the heck of it, nada.

    Also made every dowel in game, none showed. Linseed oil is used as varnish or curing pigment, so I suggest paper from scribe, perhaps?

  30. Did you tried some dyes? Like Blood Abyss and some helloween themed colors 😀

  31. Has anyone tried the 3 different refractors that you can get off of three different halloween amulets? One of these (green refactor) gives a green glow particle to any trinket you apply it to. Working to get my batwing so I can test, but figured I would share to speed research.

  32. Scarecrow has been tested too, it is just a decoration item

  33. SO! I just remembered a few days ago I tried to look up this RARE item someone linked out of the final chest in Ascent to Madness dungeon. Its called “Festive Trason” (and I hope I’m spelling that right). I don’t remember the description but this could be a piece of the puzzle.

    I’m putting this out there because this is another “unique” rare Item from the Mad King dungeon and I just looked at a list of items from somebody opening 10,000 trick-o-treat bags. This “Festive Trason” was not in that list.

  34. Smoke effect only works on certain armors btw

  35. Tested Eel statue while making my gift of Kraitkin – doesn’t work.

  36. I’m seriously curious if anyone has tested destabilized ecto (if they can be thrown in the toilet).

  37. I’ll post this idea as I did in the reddit post. Has anyone tried the item “Defender of Ascalon” from the fractals? (20 pristine fractal relics)
    HTTYD Series is called “Defenders of Berk” So needing gift of ascalon already for the Gift of darkness might make sense to use “Defenders of Ascalon” item. (It would also match up with the rytlock/ascalon with toothless image tweeted today.)

  38. Got a new item from flax tonight, Flax Fiber. Listed as scribe ingredient, does not combine in MF

  39. Hey Autumn Lantern! Thanks so much for organizing/compiling all this data. I have some things I want to add.

    I just watched How To Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) today for fun and for research purposes, and here are some more things about Night Furies/Toothless that may or may not be helpful (most probably isn’t):
    -no one’s ever seen one (at the start of the movie)
    -plasma bomb shots – dive-bombing attacks
    -a night fury never misses, nor has ever been killed
    -acts like a cat – mini zuzu missing piece?
    -obsidian-like scales
    -there’s a book called “the dragon manual” that the trainees study from – maybe one of the HoT mastery-gated vendors sells something like that?
    -Night Fury description in the book: “The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself. Do not engage this dragon. Your only chance: hide and pray it does not find you.”
    -sleeps hanging upside down like a bat – connection to bat-themed item
    -according to the Disney wiki, Night Furies can also use echolocation – connection to bat-themed item
    -ballistic noise when diving – related to bat screeching?
    -there’s a grass/weed that acts as dragon-nip (like catnip)

    -In the short, “gift of the night fury” (which is just too good of a name for ANet), the gift is friendship. (Though I suppose he also does bring Hiccup his viking helmet…) I tried all the heart vendor/karma items to do with friendship I could find in the wiki in the linseed oil/glacial lodestone recipe. (Namely fine and masterwork Quaggan Friendship Bracelet, Spleedboop’s Friendship Shell, Nrocroc Pressed Prickleberry Friendship Flower, and a fine Pressed Friendship Flower. I don’t have the stuff to test it in the other recipe.) None of them worked unfortunately.
    -Another thing from the short is that the dragon’s eggs explode. In the Patriarch Wyvern fight in VB, you use exploding eggs to break his shield. So maybe the missing piece is a drop from him? I tried the Wyvern Cache he drops but that didn’t work. And I didn’t get anything special or unique out of it to test.
    -Because of the Disney thing about not being able to find nightfury eggs but that they might be on mountains at night I checked all around Patriarch’s Perch at night during and after a successful fight, but there was nothing to interact with or pick up other than the Wyvern Eggs (which are a bundle) used in the fight. I haven’t checked the adolescent wyvern area at night yet but I’m planning on doing that at some point, both before and after a successful Patriarch kill.

    Anyway I hope some of this is helpful. Feel free to email me or PM me in game. As much as I want those shoulders, I’m having a lot of fun with this searching. I keep waking up in the middle of the night with new ideas to try haha

    • The friendship items were a good try. I’ve added them to the list. I think you’re on to something with the Dragon Eggs and Patriarch Perch. Can you think of anything connected to gliding? The devs have loosely hinted that gliders or gliding may be involved. Great work!

      • I’m not sure. I wanted to do more exploring in that area, since it’s only accessible once the choppers show up during the night time VB events, but the updrafts disappear around Patriarch Perch once night ends. So you either use them to explore instead of fighting him or kill him fast enough to have more time to explore. Next time I’m in a VB night I’m just gonna ignore him and go exploring and see if I can get to a new place or find anything with the updrafts available during the fight. I’ll keep you posted!

        Oh! Also, has anyone tried a second Bat Wing for the linseed oil+glacial lodestones combination? It might be as simple as that.

  40. can someone clarify if Trophy’s can be used in the Forge? if so i will test the Defender of Ascalon TRophy

  41. Has anyone tried the recipe with abyss or shadow abyss dye? First thing everyone notices when they look at toothless, is that he’s a dark black dragon.

  42. can someone please clarify if Trophy items can be used in the mystic forge?

    • bought the 20 prestine relic item ” defender of ascalon” from Fotm vendor. does not even show up nor is forgable 🙁 looks like someone else wanna confirm my purchase?

      • Darn, I appreciate you trying my idea. I need to go back to the drawing boards I guess.
        Atleast your closer to the legendary fractal backpiece ^^

  43. Does anyone try for the Gwynefyrdd……

  44. Has anyone tried the Charr-Nip from BUY-4373 in FOTM

  45. Maybe its heart or event item? Like luminise armours. Or u need combo 4 halloween items to get the last item ?

  46. it seems to be an exotic kind of tatered wing, what if that exotic wing is the missing piece of the second recipe and the result of the second recipe is the missing piece of the final recipe?

  47. has anyone tried gift of souls?

  48. Has anyone tried anything to do with lightning. Toothless is a lightning breather.

  49. Unless the final item is a container that contains 3 items or skins, there may be 3 different Nightfury items as an end result (light, medium, and heavy) and also 3 different associated Mystic Forge recipe variations.

    Let’s assume that the mysterious Gyve of Madness is one of the key items, and let’s assume that it’s created by Mystic Forging the Bat Wing, Glacial Lodestones, Linseed Oil and that mystery item 4. There may be 3 variations of that recipe for the 3 variations of the Gyve of Madness in each armor category: light, medium and heavy. The other associated recipe of Endless Batwing Brew, Vision Crystal and Gift of Darkness with the respective Gyve of Madness (L, M, H) might then result in the respective Nightfury (L, M, H) by in concept enhancing the Gyve of Madness by giving it the flying bat effect.

    So the possible takeaway from this is that the unknown mystery item 4 is not necessarily one item, but 3 different items for 3 different variations of the recipe where each of the 3 items should represent one of the armor categories (light, medium, and heavy) (perhaps it may be some type of armor piece since what better represents different armor categories than different armor pieces). Additionally, perhaps somehow a clue or just an error (if it’s related) is that the Gyve of Madness for heavy is not a shoulder piece, but a boot/foot piece. Is there some type of HoT or Halloween armor or reward that is a shoulder piece for light and medium, but a boot in heavy?…that might be a possible lead.

  50. On an unrelated note i want to sell a scythe staff skin for 3.2k. Will to negotiate. Obviously no mail involved u put gold in TP and i sell immdiatley for oir agreed price

  51. GG to the “friendliest community in MMOs” fucking with the market.


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