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Collect Jars For A Cheap 20 Slot Bag - Guild Wars Hub

Collect Jars For A Cheap 20 Slot Bag

By completing the “Uncanny Canner” collection achievement you will receive a 20 slot bag. This collection offers one of the quickest and cheapest ways to obtain a 20 slot bag. All you have to do is collect 11 different jars from various Karma Vendors. This guide will show you exactly how it’s done.

Jar #1 – Empty Honey Pot

Empty Honey Pot

Cost: 105 Karma

Vendor: Carmen Fawntracker

Location: Wayfarer Foothills – Taigan Groves

Carmen Fawntracker Map

Jar #2 – Firefly in a Jar

Firefly Jar

Cost: 826 Karma

Vendor: Explorer Malcolm

Location: Bloodtide Coast – Jelako Cliffrise

Explorer Malcolm Map

Jars #3 and #4 – Frog in a Jar (Fine/Masterwork)

Jar of Frogs Master Jar of Frogs Fine

Cost: 356/721 Karma

Vendor: Lionscout Tunnira

Location: Bloodtide Coast – Archen Foreland

Lionscout Tunnira Map

Jar #5 – Jar of Bees

Jar of Bees

Cost: 24 bronze

Vendor: Fiona Hastings

Location: Queensdale – Clayent Falls

Fiona Hastings Map

*Consume to obtain Jar of Bees

Jar #6 – Jar of Ooze

Jar of Ooze

Cost: 91 Karma

Vendor: PR&T Senior Researcher Takka

Location: Metrica Province – Jeztar Falls

Researcher Takka Map

*Can also be obtained from Packmaster Danador in the Verdence region of Caledon Forest.

Jar #7 – Lightning Jar

Lightning in a Jar

Cost: 154 Karma

Vendor: Researcher Ahjj

Location: Metrica Province – Artegon Woods

Researcher Ahjj Map

Jars #8 and #9 – Undead Ash in a Jar (Fine/Masterwork)

Undead Ash Jar Master Undead Ash Jar Fine

Cost: 434/861 Karma

Vendor: Cuadinti

Location: Sparkfly Fen – Astrozintli Forelands

Cuadinti Map

Jar #10 – Jar of Lost Souls

Jar of Lost Souls

Cost: 3 silver 15 bronze

Vendor: Trading Post

*Must be consumed

Jar #11 – Twister in a Jar

Twister in a Jar

Cost: 47 silver 47 bronze

Vendor: Trading Post

*Must be consumed

All Eleven Jars

All Jars

Here’s what it should look like when you’ve collected all eleven jars. Remember that you must purchase the fine and masterwork versions of both the Jar of Frogs and Undead Ash in a Jar. Most jars will automatically count towards the collection achievement but you must manually consume the Jar of Bees, Jar of Lost Souls and Twister in a Jar.

  • Jar of Lost Souls can also be obtained from loot, randomly dropped in the Ascalonian Catacombs.
  • Twister in a Jar can also be obtained from looting chests in the Silverwastes or in Dry Top.
  • Aside from the 2 jars purchased from the Trading Post, the Jar of Bees obtained from Fiona Hastings is the only other jar that cannot be directly purchased from a Karma Vendor.

Cheap 20 Slot Bag

There you have it, a shiny new 20 slot bag.

Total Cost: 3,556 Karma + 50 silver 86 bronze

Not a bad reward considering how expensive 20 slot bags are on the Trading Post.


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