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Unique Karma Vendor Skins

Completing “hearts” around the various maps of Tyria grants players access to Karma Vendors. Many of these vendors sell unique weapon and armor skins that cannot be obtained anywhere else. What’s even better is that they’re cheap! For a few hundred karma a piece you can add some pretty awesome skins to your collection. This guide will help you find and purchase these unique karma vendor skins.

OooOoo Shooter & OoOoo Spear (Shiverpeak Skewer)

OooOoo Shooter
OoOoo Spear

Map: Lornar’s Pass

Area: False Lake

Vendor: Duidda

Cost: 371 Karma each

The OooOoo Shooter is my pick of the two, but the OoOoo Spear is not too bad if you want a simple Shiverpeak Spear that has a skin different from the actual “Shiverpeak Spear”.

Jotun Greatsword

Jotun Greatsword

Map: Snowden Drifts

Area: Tromigar Valley

Vendor: Lionguard Nadel

Cost: 254 Karma

Probably my favorite skin on the list. I particularly like the frost effect and glowing symbols etched into the blade.

Jeweled Trident

Jeweled Trident

Map: Diessa Plateau

Area: Rancher’s Wash

Vendor: Vepar Darkheart

Cost: 252 Karma

This trident is an underwater version of the named exotic staff “Delusion”. I’m not sure how a staff works as a trident, but oh well.

Legion Shields

Map: Diessa Plateau

Areas: Ruins of Oldgate (Iron Legion Shield), Oldgate Clearing (Blood Legion/Ash Legion Shields)

Vendors: Zalvax Brokenclaw (Iron Legion Shield), Tiga Fierceblade (Blood Legion Shield), Vasher Shadowsinner (Ash Legion Shield)

Cost: 140-147 Karma Each

These shields are actually kind of cool. Very useful as a finishing touch for any shield wielding Charr characters.

Quetzal Harpoon

Quetzal Harpoon

Map: Caledon Forest

Area: Quetzal Bay

Vendor: Yoal

Cost: 168 Karma

Pretty basic spear, nothing too exciting.

Modniir Weapons

Map: Harathi Hinterlands

Area: High Timber Claim

Vendor: Forward Scout Greta

Cost: 280-420 Karma each

Forward Scout Greta possesses what may be the jackpot of karma vendor skins. With 19 different weapon skins offered, you have access to some truly cool designs. My personal favorites are the pistol and dagger skins.

Black Earth Aquabreathers

Map: Bloodtide Coast

Area: Stormbluff Isle

Vendor: Creator Zee

Cost: 371 Karma each

These are aquabreather versions of the Heavy Plate Helm, Rogue Mask, and Stately Helm.


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