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Tangled Depths Hidden Achievements Guide - Guild Wars Hub

Tangled Depths Hidden Achievements Guide

There are several hidden achievements on the Tangled Depths map in Heart of Thorns. These achievements are not found in the achievements list and will not show up until you have completed them. There are undoubtedly more hidden achievements than those outlined in this guide, but these are the achievements that are currently known. Our Tangled Depths hidden achievements guide will show you exactly where and how to obtain these hidden achievements.

Lost Lab Locator Achievement

Find the secret Rata Novus laboratory

Starting from the Rata Novus Waypoint, dive into the water and locate the large vertical shaft opening which is partially concealed by a stone ledge.

Head down the shaft until you get to the Exalted Beacon. Interacting with the beacon will provide you with protection from deadly creatures as you make your through the next part of the cave.

From the beacon, head North and follow the tunnel until you reach a large open cavern and see another Exalted Beacon. Continue past this beacon towards an opening at the far end of the cavern and continue through.

Large Cavern

The next room is filled with rock columns that you must jump across to reach the upper ledge. Hop onto the first rock platform you come to and then jump/glide to the long grass-covered rock near the middle of the room, around the large rock structure to the left. Follow this rock path up and around the room and finally glide across the main gap.

Once you reach the upper ledge of the room you will have access to the hidden lab that waits below, along with a hero challenge.


Ogre Airship Climber Achievement

Climb to the top of the crashed airship in the Ogre camp

The Ogre Airship crash site is located South of the Ogre Camp Waypoint. It is visible on top of a tall cliff as you follow the path indicated by the map.

Head towards the cliff face to the East where you’ll find a bouncing mushroom that will take you up to the next level.

Airship First Mushroom

Follow the path to the other bouncing mushrooms as you make your way to the top of the plateau.

When you reach the top, head toward the ogre airship and jump over to the next ledge to the left of the airship.

Airship Plateau

Walk to the edge of the cliff where you can see the narrow, pointed front platform of the airship and glide over to it.

Make your way up the left side of the airship, following the outer edge railing until you cannot go any further. Optional: There is a splendid chest located inside the airship if you wish to go inside the lower level to open it.

Airship Rail

Jump on to the rail and face the direction that you just came from. You need to glide back down towards the front of the airship and land on a small ledge above the walkway.

Airship Rail Glide

Once you land, walk up to the left and the jump onto the beam that’s angled back over the front of the ship. Walk up the beam until you have enough height to successfully jump onto the left ridge of the airship roof.

Ogre Airship Beam

Follow the left ridge up to the top of the ogre airship where you will receive the completed achievement.



Disco Dancing Delver Achievement

Dance in the secret disco cave

The “Disco Cave” is located in the lower Tangled Depths layer in an underwater cavern system. The closest entrance is through a floor opening a little ways North of Dragon’s Passage Waypoint, located in the South-West corner of the Tangled Depths.

Dragons Passage Waypoint

Jump down into the water and begin making your way through the caverns until you get to the Exalted Beacon.

Interact with the beacon to give yourself protection as you progress through the next part of the cavern. Head straight until you get to the area where the cavern forks off into different directions. Take the path to the left and then swim up to the surface.

You should now be inside a cave with purple crystal formations sticking out of the wall. To the right of the entrance there is a slanted crystal that you can walk on to get out of the water and begin the first part of the jumping puzzle. You’ll need to jump from crystal to crystal, making your way to the far end of the cave.

Once you cross the cavern, your next task is to complete the second half of the jumping puzzle by jumping on tree branches, working your way to the top. Some of the jumps are made less difficult by strategically deploying your glider to reduce the risk of falling all the way down.

Disco Tree Puzzle

After completing the tree branch jumping puzzle you will arrive at a ledge with a sealed door and a Golem. I won’t tell you exactly which speech option to take, since that wouldn’t be any fun. But after successfully speaking with the Golem, the door will open, granting you access to Zinn’s Private Lab. To get the achievement all you need to do is stand in the spotlight beneath the disco ball and use the dance emote (/dance).

This will power up the lab and the achievement should pop.

Disco Dancing Delver Completed


Elusive Elemental Eliminator Achievement

Kill the secret earth elemental

This achievement can be found near the Northern Confluence Tunnel region of the Tangled Depths. It’s one of the more challenging achievements to solo, so you may want to bring a few friends to complete it faster. Start from Ley-Line Confluence Waypoint and head North-West. At the top of a small incline you’ll see a ledge on the right hand side that follows the wall. Navigate this ledge until you see theĀ  entrance to the cavern on the right.

There are several updrafts in the cavern that you’ll need to use in order to make your way to the top ledge. Follow the path around to a raised area where you can glide into the first updraft. When you get to the final ledge at the top, three Veteran Elementals will spawn. After defeating them, the hidden entrance to the secret Earth Elemental will open.

The secret Earth Elemental is comprised of two rock-hands that periodically cast area attacks in your direction. It’s pretty simple to avoid these attacks, but after you kill the first hand another group of Veteran Elementals will spawn. Quickly dispose of them and finish off the secret Earth Elemental to claim your achievement. There is a Strongbox and an Orichalcum Node in the area behind the Elemental that you should also grab before you leave.


That’s the end of our Tangled Depths Hidden Achievements Guide. We hope you’ve found it useful or at least learned something new. If you find any new hidden achievements, be sure to let us know and we’ll add it to the guide.

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