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Lunar New Year Firecracker Locations - Guild Wars Hub

Lunar New Year Firecracker Locations

“Firecracker Finder” is a Lunar New Year achievement that requires players to locate and ignite 10 Firecrackers located around the Crown Pavilion area of Divinity’s Reach. To ignite a firecracker, simply approach it and interact with it. This guide will show you where to find all 10 Firecrackers in order to obtain this achievement.

Firecrackers Map

Firecracker Map


“Firecracker Finder” Video Guide

Firecracker Locations

Firecracker #1

Located near the Western edge of the Crown Pavilion. You can glide to this platform from the nearby dome frame.

Firecracker 1

Firecracker #2

Located on a platform down inside the central arena type opening. You can glide to this firecracker from the large metal/glass dome overhead.

Firecracker 2

Firecracker #3

Located right in front of the Crown Pavilion Waypoint. Hard to miss.

Firecracker 3

Firecracker #4

Located South of the main Waypoint, hanging from a red umbrella.

Firecracker 4

Firecracker #5 & #6

These firecrackers are hanging from the edges of the structure down the steps from the main Waypoint. You can glide to them from the top of the nearby stairs.

Firecracker 5 & 6

Firecracker #7

Hanging from a red umbrella located to the North of the main Waypoint.

Firecracker 7

Firecracker #8

Located near a large tree in the Northern part of the Crown Pavilion. You will need to jump onto the nearby bride to reach it.

Firecracker 8

Firecracker #9

Located underneath the small bridge to the South-East of the Royal Terrace area.

Firecracker 9

Firecracker #10

Hanging from the large dome near a potted bush. Glide to the bush from the nearby ledge in order to reach this firecracker.

Firecracker 10

Readers Comments (3)

  1. How do you get to #9 without flying?

  2. I meant #2 and you can get at it without flying since there is a small section of railing just to the north of #2 where you can jump over the railing and land on the terrace with cracker #2 on it.

  3. I had to dive off an upper area and land next to the firecracker but dead then wait for someone to revive me.


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