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Too Many Keys: GW2 Key Ring Mock-up - Guild Wars Hub

Too Many Keys: GW2 Key Ring Mock-up

Managing all of the various types of keys in Guild Wars 2 has become a significant issue. Having to shuffle keys between various characters is a hassle, let alone remembering to bring them along to each specific map where they can be used. Although this has been an issue for a while, the new keys introduced with Heart of Thorns have made it clear that the key system in GW2 needs to be updated. Over the life of GW2 many players have suggested that some sort of “Key-Ring” be implemented to simplify the management of in-game keys. The key-ring would allow characters to access the keys they need, whenever and wherever they need them. We’ve provided our idea of what this key-ring might look like.

Problems With The Current Key System

  • Keys take up valuable inventory space
  • Keys must be placed in the bank to be transferred to other characters
  • Unless all of your keys are in your current character’s inventory, there’s no easy way to quickly check how many of a certain key you have
  • Players must remember to bring keys with them for many different maps


Key-Ring Suggestions & Mock-Up

This Key-Ring mock-up shows a potential solution to the “key” problem in GW2. The key-ring shown below functions in a similar way to the existing currency wallet and is accessed through the inventory panel. The key-ring is separated from the wallet since keys are not currency. Below you can see the additional “key-ring” icon that appears next to the existing currency wallet icon.

Wallet Inventory

Selecting the key-ring icon at the bottom of the inventory panel brings up an overview of the keys you currently possess. Although the image below does not show EVERY available key in GW2, it is meant to give an idea of the format for how keys might be displayed.

Key Ring

Aside from having their own wallet/key-ring, keys should be accessible anywhere in the game and by any character. With the large number of keys currently in the game we think that they should no longer take the form physical items that must be stored in inventory. Just like with currencies, when you acquire additional keys they should be sent straight to the key-ring.

Other Thoughts

We believe that the request for a “key-ring” is a reasonable one, especially when considering the precedent ANET has set by improving the currency and dungeon token systems in the past. Although same may argue that it’s in ANET’s best interest to leave the system as-is in order to encourage players to purchase additional storage slots (and the recently added Shared Account Inventory Slots), we argue that an improved key system is primarily a “Quality of Life” issue.

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  1. And yet, you’ll never get credit from Anet for it.


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