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How To Craft Oni Blade - Guild Wars Hub

How To Craft Oni Blade

Oni Blade is an Exotic Greatsword that is obtained through the Mystic Forge. This weapon finally became obtainable after the January 26th, 2016 update.

Oni Blade Mystic Forge Recipe

Combine the following components in the Mystic Forge to create Oni Blade.

50 Mystic Coins

Total Cost:

5 Oiled Orichalcum Greatsword Blades

Total Cost:

1 Eldritch Scroll

Cost: 50 Spirit Shards

10 Superior Sharpening Stones

Total Cost:

Oni Blade


Credit to /u/Dulfy for discovering the final recipe.

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  1. Hi its no Works i have all items but i dont can put it in Mystic F…


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