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Large Airship Cargo Locations - Guild Wars Hub

Large Airship Cargo Locations

By now most players are familiar with opening up Airship Cargo that spawn around Verdant Brink in Heart of Thorns. For those that aren’t, Airship Cargo are loot boxes similar to Lost Bandit Chests in the Silverwastes, only they’re opened with Pact Crowbars instead of Chest Keys. Airship Cargo drop around Verdant Brink as events are completed and show up as a red mini-map ping when they first spawn. But did you know that Large Airship Cargo can also be found? While significantly more rare, Large Airship Cargo provide bonus Airship Parts in addition to the normal Airship Cargo loot. What’s interesting is that these Airship Parts that get scattered from opening Large Airship Cargo can be picked up by players that didn’t initiate the opening. So if you have a large group of players at a single Large Airship Cargo, players can take turns opening it up while everyone continuously loots all of the Airship Parts. Here is a list of the known locations where you can find Large Airship Cargo.

Large Airship Cargo Map

Although it is not guaranteed that there will be a Large Airship Cargo at these locations when you visit them, they have been confirmed to reliably spawn, usually when events have been completed and other Airship Cargo drop around the map.

Large Airship Cargo #1 – Creeping Crevasse

Starting from the Shipwreck Waypoint in the far East portion of the map, head straight up to the cliff overlooking the wreckage and begin gliding down towards the hero point located at the very bottom of the crevasse. The Large Airship Cargo is on a small platform before you reach the bottom, next to a Strongbox.

Large Airship Cargo #2 – Jaka Itzel

This Cargo is located on a tree platform near Jaka Itzel Village. From the Jaka Itzel Waypoint, head South-West and cross the ravine. You’ll see a large tree with a bouncing mushroom at its base. Use the mushroom to gain access to the upper platform where you’ll find the Large Airship Cargo and some Veteran Spiders.

Large Airship Cargo #3 – Coztic Grounds

The third Large Airship Cargo can be found on a platform inside the same large hollow tree that has a Hero Point, in the Coztic Grounds area. Starting from the upper area and gliding down through the tree, you’ll see the Large Airship Cargo as you make your way to the bottom.

Large Airship Cargo #4 – Blighted Depths

This Cargo is located just North of Mellaggan’s Valor Waypoint. Head towards the Blighted Depths area and glide down onto a grassy ledge where you can find the 4th Large Airship Cargo.

Other Locations (Unconfirmed)

The following Large Airship Cargo locations have been reported but not confirmed.

  • In front of the Guild Hall entrance in the North-West

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