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Azimuth Staff Recipe - Guild Wars Hub

Azimuth Staff Recipe

Azimuth is a staff weapon skin introduced with Heart of Thorns. This staff features a golden appearance and is created through a Mystic Forge recipe.


How To Craft Azimuth

Combine the following four items in the Mystic Forge:

  1. Eldritch Scroll
  2. Mystic Coins x50
  3. Oiled Ancient Staff Shafts x5
  4. Sun Beads x250

Ingredient Breakdown

Here is how to obtain the individual components.

Eldritch Scroll

Purchased from Miyani near the Mystic Forge for 50 Spirit Shards.

Mystic Coins

Purchased from the Trading Post.

Oiled Ancient Staff Shafts

Can be crafted by an Artificer or purchased from the Trading Post.


  • 4 Ancient Wood Planks
  • 5 Vials of Linseed Oil

Sun Beads

Purchased from the Karma Vendor “Cuadinti” in Sparkfly Fen.

Waypoint Code: [&BMgBAAA=]

Cost To Craft

Component Quantity Cost (Each)
Eldritch Scroll 1 50 Spirit Shards
Mystic Coins 50
Oiled Ancient Staff Shafts 5
Ancient Wood Plank 20
Vials of Linseed Oil 30
Sun Beads 250 21 Karma

Cost To Purchase

Current Trading Post Listing:

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