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October 2015


Guild Wars 2 Tools and Apps

There are so many great Guild Wars 2 online tools and applications that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Players of any level can benefit from using these tools and many veteran players would never want to play without them. From playing the trading post to working towards map completion, there’s a GW2 tool for everyone. We’ve compiled a list of the most useful and most popular Guild Wars 2 tools and resources.


Optimized Performance Settings

Guild Wars 2 is a game that can run well on lower end hardware but can also cause higher end setups to struggle. While GW2 offers preset graphics setting configurations, these presets leave a lot to be desired. By tweaking certain settings you can get the most out of your setup without sacrificing graphics quality. If your PC isn’t running GW2 as well as you’d like, then these optimized performance settings are for you.


Converting Karma to Gold

So you’ve got Karma piling up in your wallet but you’re short on gold, what do you do? Well you can definitely squeeze some gold out of that Karma if you’re willing to go through a few steps to get there. Before you do anything though, you may want to ask yourself if there’s a better use for all of that Karma. Karma can be used to purchase cultural weapons, cooking ingredients, and even exotic armor. But most of all,…


How to Change Ascended Weapon Stats

Since updates were made to the Ascended Weapon system back in June, players are now able to change Ascended Weapon stats whenever they want. This is extremely useful because players are no longer forced to stick with Ascended Weapons that have undesirable stats. For example, say you have an Ascended Weapon with Soldier’s stats (Power, Toughness, Vitality) that you are unsatisfied with. You can now change that weapon’s stats to another set like Berserker’s (Power, Precision, Ferocity). Changing stats requires…


Most Valuable Harvesting Ingredients

The ingredients you receive from harvesting are numerous and hard to keep track of. Mining and logging are relatively straightforward because there are only a handful of different ores and wood. I’ve found myself passing over harvesting nodes because I was uncertain of the value of the ingredients. It wouldn’t be worth my time to harvest lettuce or potatoes for a few bronze. However, there are a number of ingredients which are valuable and definitely worth your time. The goal…