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October 2015


Halloween Returns To Tyria for 2015

Guild Wars 2’s annual Halloween Festival will begin on October 23rd, 2015. The event is titled “The Shadow of the Mad King” and will feature two weeks of spooky fun. The launch of this event coincides with the release of the Heart of Thorns expansion, so there will be no shortage of new content this Halloween. Also make sure to check out our Halloween Event Guide.


Shortest Distance From Trading Post to Bank

Running between the account bank and trading post in Lion’s Arch can be tiring. Wouldn’t it be great if the distance from trading post to bank were much shorter? Well here’s some good news, there are in fact several places around Tyria where these commonly accessed resources are placed conveniently close together. We’ve analyzed each capitol city in Tyria to determine which one offers the most convenient access to the Black Lion Trading Post Merchant and Personal Bank. Each city…


Guild Wars 2 Tips

For the most part Guild Wars 2 provides an intuitive experience that is easy to pick up and learn. The user interface is well laid out and many of the functions are self explanatory. However, there are many tips and tricks we’ve learned about through our time playing the game and by interacting with the community. Some of these tips are buried in the user manual, while others were discovered by members of the Guild Wars community. Here are some…


Things to Do After Level 80

So your character has finally achieved level 80, congratulations. You may be wondering what to do now that you’re all leveled up. Do I explore every map? Or finish my personal story? While that’s a good place to start, there are in fact many different goals to work towards and activities to complete, even though your quest for level 80 is over. Here are a few suggestions to get you started on your journey after level 80.


Guild Wars 2 Command Line Tips

Guild Wars 2 has several command line arguments that can be added to the launcher short-cut and will take effect when the game is started. These commands affect behaviors such as login, diagnostics, and graphics/audio.