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Guild Wars 2 Tools and Apps - Guild Wars Hub

Guild Wars 2 Tools and Apps

There are so many great Guild Wars 2 online tools and applications that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Players of any level can benefit from using these tools and many veteran players would never want to play without them. From playing the trading post to working towards map completion, there’s a GW2 tool for everyone. We’ve compiled a list of the most useful and most popular Guild Wars 2 tools and resources.

Trading Post Tools


GW2Shinies provides an interactive database of all Trading Post items in Guild Wars 2. Each item contains the following information: current buy/sell price, supply/demand data, profit/ROI, and a detailed chart of historical prices.

GW2Shinies Item

GW2Shinies also offers a comprehensive set of tools ranging from a Trading Post Profit Calculator to collection tools that can tell you which dyes and skins you need for your personal wardrobe.

GW2Shinies Tools

GW2 Spidy Item

GW2Spidy offers many of the same trading post featuresĀ  as GW2Shinies, but they also provide a very useful crafting ingredients list which tells you exactly which items you need and the cheapest way to acquire them.

Map Tools


GW2Timer has so many features that it’s beyond the scope of this post to list them all. The main feature is a highly detailed interactive world map that contains every vista, POI, heart, and hero point. There is also an integrated event timer which tells you exactly when each world boss event starts. Map completionists can utilize the optimized map completion routes to clear an area in the most efficient manner.


Other tools include: Daily Achievement Tracking, Resource Node Locations, Jumping Puzzle Locations, and much more.


GW2Cartographers is another interactive map tool that uses crowdsourced data to populate every object of interest for each zone. Filters can be applied to the map to show things like crafting material locations, merchant locations, and much more.


Guild Wars Temple has an app called the “Dragon Timer” that shows timers for each world boss event. It makes for a great quick reference resource.

Account Tools


GW2Efficiency provides an immense amount of information about your account including how much of each currency you have, the value of your material storage, and the estimated value of all your items and characters. Another unique feature is statistics that show how your account stacks up against other users. You can also track your dungeon runs to see which path nets the most profit. The crafting tool can help you find the remaining materials you need to obtain and the gathering tool displays locations of various resource nodes depending on what you’re looking for.

GW2 Efficiency Leaderboard

Skill/Build Tools


GW2Skills has one of the best build editors around. You can customize your build by selecting each skill and trait through an intuitive interface. Choose between PvE, PvP, and WvW modes and experiment with different weapon setups.


Meta Battle is the definitive source for optimized Guild Wars 2 builds. These are the builds you see mentioned in the Looking For Group (LFG) menu. Meta builds are constantly evolving around game patches and updates with the goal of maximizing efficiency in a given mode.


Into The Mists features another awesome build editor/calculator in addition to comprehensive guides and recommended builds.

Standalone Tools

GW2 Personal Assistant Overlay


The GW2 Personal Assistant Overlay (PAO) is a third party application that acts as a visual overlay for the game. You can set up transparent tiles that can be moved to any part of the screen. These tiles show information about world events, zone completion, and trading post notifications, to name a few. It also offers an in-game web browser. To use the GW2 PAO you must run the game in windowed fullscreen mode so that the overlay is visible. Download here.

Other Tools and Resources


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