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Most Valuable Harvesting Ingredients

The ingredients you receive from harvesting are numerous and hard to keep track of. Mining and logging are relatively straightforward because there are only a handful of different ores and wood. I’ve found myself passing over harvesting nodes because I was uncertain of the value of the ingredients. It wouldn’t be worth my time to harvest lettuce or potatoes for a few bronze. However, there are a number of ingredients which are valuable and definitely worth your time. The goal of this list is to show you the most valuable harvesting ingredients so you’ll know what to look for when you’re out gathering.

Most Valuable

Chili Pepper

By far the most expensive harvesting ingredient, Chili Peppers can be gathered from various herb nodes in Ascalon.


Harvested from Cluster of Herbs in Straits of Devastation.

Sesame Seed

Harvested from Young and Mature Herbs.

Very Valuable

Snow Truffle

Harvested from Snow Truffle.

Rosemary Sprig

Harvested from Mature and Young Herbs.


Harvested from Seaweed.

Prickly Pear

Harvested from Cactus.

Coriander Seed

Harvested from Mature Herbs around Tyria, and Cluster of Herbs in Straits of Devastation.

Orrian Truffle

Harvested from Orrian Truffle.

Sage Leaf

Harvested from Herb nodes in Ascalon.

Moderately Valuable


Harvested from Verdant and Mature Herbs.


Harvested from Omnomberries.

Cayenne Pepper

Harvested from Cayenne Pepper.

Ghost Pepper

Harvested from Ghost Pepper.


Black Peppercorn

Harvested from Herb Sprouts, Herb Seedlings and Young Herbs.

Dill Sprig

Harvested from Herb nodes in Blazeridge Steppes, Iron Marches, Fireheart Rise and Fields of Ruin.


Harvested from Root Vegetables in Harathi Hinterlands.

Spinach Leaf

Harvested from Spinach.


Harvested from Raspberries.


Harvested from Blackberries.

Asparagus Spear

Harvested from Asparagus.

Kale Leaf

Harvested from Kale.


Harvested from Onions and Scallions.

Oregano Leaf

Harvested from Herb Sprouts and Herb Patches.


Harvested from Artichokes.

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