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Vinetooth Prime Achievement Guide - Guild Wars Hub

Vinetooth Prime Achievement Guide


Vinetooth Hunter Achievement

There’s a predator lurking in the jungle, chasing anything that isn’t Mordrem.

The Vinetooth Hunter achievement in Heart of Thorns requires players to find and defeat the Legendary Vinetooth Prime. Completing this achievement will also grant players a Mastery Point. This achievement guide will show you where to find the Vinetooth Prime and how to defeat him.

Finding Vinetooth Prime

Vinetooth Prime spawns next to the final pylon after the Ruins of Eastwatch event in Auric Basin. The event tracker will notify you that the pylons have been activated and that Vinetooth Prime has appeared. He will spawn next to the pylon and then retreat into the nearby cave also known as “Vinetooth Den”. Head Northeast from the third pylon or from Eastwatch Waypoint and follow the Vinetooth into the cave that leads to Vinetooth Den.

Defeating Vinetooth Prime

Vinetooth Prime is no pushover. It will take a fairly large and organized group to successfully take him down.

Vinetooth Battle 5

Attacks and Behavior

Vinetooth Prime is a mobile boss, leaping and thrashing around the large cavern. You’ll need to stay on the move and dodge his long-range attacks while making sure that you position yourself outside the range of his short-range attacks. His primary attacks are leaping stomps, tail flails, and toxic pools that spawn around the floor of the den. Occasionally Vinetooth Prime will target a player, indicated by the large orange effect circle and down them. If the player dies, the Vinetooth will receive another stacking buff making him more difficult to kill. The time window to complete this event is only 10 minutes, so preventing his buffs are essential.

Soul Corruption

Crowd Control (CC) and the Breakbar

The key to taking Vinetooth Prime down is to coordinate the group’s CC skills at the appropriate time. If you look at an enemy’s health bar you’ll notice another bar directly beneath it, that’s the breakbar. The breakbar has two states, orange and green. When Vinetooth Prime’s breakbar turns GREEN, the group needs to use their CC skills to effectively shut him down. If the Vinetooth consumes a downed player during this state, the green breakbar will be interrupted and he will gain the buff. Missing this window causes the Vinetooth to become even more powerful and take much longer to defeat.


If you follow this guide and have a decent group, then you should be able to defeat the Legendary Vinetooth Prime and claim your achievement and mastery points.

Vinetooth Battle Gallery


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