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Guild Wars 2 Emotes Tips & Tricks - Guild Wars Hub

Guild Wars 2 Emotes Tips & Tricks

Guild Wars 2 Emotes are chat commands that spice up player interactions by initiating a number of unique character animations. This post will provide an overview of Emotes including tips and secrets.

Emotes Overview

  • Several Emotes can be targeted towards other characters by placing the “@” symbol at the end of the command (e.g. “/laugh @”). This appears in chat as “[Character] laughs with [Character 2].”
  • Custom emotes can be used to display a user defined message by using the commands /emote, /em, /e, or /me followed by the desired message (e.g. “/me cowers in fear”). This appears in chat as “[Character} cowers in fear.” Custom Emotes do not have animations.
  • A few Emotes are persistent, meaning that they will perform continuously until interrupted.
  • Emotes can be synchronized by adding an asterisk (*) to the end of the command. For example, the Emote command “/dance *” will enter the Emote into a queue that is processed every 5 seconds, allowing multiple players to “dance” in sync with each other.
  • The “/dance” emote features race-dependent animations.
    • Asura: “Robot”
    • Charr: “Haka”
    • Humans: “Melbourne Shuffle”
    • Norn: “Carlton’s Dance”
    • Sylvari: “Bhangra”

List of Guild Wars 2 Emotes

Here is a list of all Emotes which indicates if they are persistent and/or targetable:

Emote Targetable? Persistent?
/beckon Yes No
/bow Yes No
/cheer Yes No
/cower No No
/cry No Yes
/dance No Yes
/kneel No Yes
/laugh Yes No
/no Yes No
/point Yes No
/ponder No No
/rank No No
/salute Yes No
/shrug Yes No
/sit No Yes
/sleep No Yes
/surprised Yes No
/threaten Yes No
/wave Yes No
/yes Yes No


  • In The Shiverpeaks region, players can receive a boon by using the Emote “/kneel” in front of Altars and Shrines.
  • In Charr areas, using the “/salute” Emote in front of Charr statues will grant players a boon.
  • Ornery Crabs can be transformed into Hermit Crabs by using the Emote “/threaten”.


There are several places in Tyria where Emotes can be used to access secret content.

Cave near Godlost Swamp

East of Godlost Swamp in Queensdale there is a cave with a sealed gate and a sign out front that reads “Only threatening people may enter.” Using the “/threaten” Emote will grant access to the cave where you will find a rich copper vein guarded by a veteran mob.

Dwayna Statue near Holy Demetra

A mysterious coffin is located in the Ruins of Holy Demetra area of Harathi Hinterlands. The area is populated with ghosts and researchers exploring the tomb. In the back of the tomb area is an concrete coffin that appears to be useless. But around the corner is a Dwayna Statue that can be activated with the “/kneel” Emote. Once activated a ghost priestess will appear and tell you the identity of the person inside the coffin. If you go back to the coffin and examine it again, the owner of the coffin will be summoned, kicking off a short event. Once the event has been completed the other ghosts in the tomb will no longer be hostile and a chest will appear.


Readers Comments (3)

  1. There’s new one in third map of HoT – “Disco Cave” at the end of JP, you have to dance in the spotlight and something magical happend (and no chest).

  2. There is a special system implemented in the game that allows players to synchronize their emotes which can result in great effects for group photos or just fun in general. By putting asterisk “*” after the emote it will be put into the queue that is being processed every 5 seconds.

  3. Ive been learning a lot of emotes tips and commands, also this page helped me a lot with this subject. hope it helps. cheers !


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