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Canopy Over Pact Encampment - Insight Guide - Guild Wars Hub

Canopy Over Pact Encampment – Insight Guide

This guide will show you how to get the Verdant Brink Insight: “Canopy Over Pact Encampment” achievement. Obtaining this Insight is one of the more difficult challenges in Verdant Brink due to the jumping puzzle players must complete.

Getting There

Start from the Shrouded Ruins Waypoint in the southern portion of Verdant Brink. From there, head west up the stairs until you get to the open plateau area with dust swarms.

Shrouded Ruins Waypoint

At the base of a small cliff ahead you will see a mushroom bounce pad. Hop on the mushroom to access the next level of the plateau.

Mushroom Plateau

From there, make your way to the large vine to the left. You may have to do a little jumping to get there. Follow the vine all the way over to the island with the Wyverns. Head straight ahead to the far end of the island, where you’ll find another bouncing mushroom. Hop on the mushroom and you’ll be blasted across to the beginning of the jumping puzzle.

Canopy Jumping Puzzle

Follow the beam forward and jump up onto the next angled beam. Then jump on to the piece of structure jutting out into the center of the wreckage. Follow it across and carefully make your way onto the angled pieces of wood. From there, jump up onto the raised beam to your left and follow it up.

Canopy Jumping Puzzle 2

Jump onto the metal frame that sits flush with the outer wall of the structure and follow it around.

Canopy Jumping Puzzle 3

After a few paces you’ll see a tan-colored ledge sticking out of the wall to the left. Jump over to it and follow the hidden path between the walls.

Canopy Jumping Puzzle 4

Make your way over to the beam that is sticking out into the center and walk carefully to the end. Jump over the gap in the middle to the other beam coming from the other side.

Canopy Jumping Puzzle 5

Follow that beam to the end and then jump over to the angled gear on the right side. You’ll see another square ledge sticking out of the wall. Jump over to the ledge and make your way across the broken planks at the far end of the ledge. Once you reach the end of the debris, turn to the right and jump across to the beam.

Canopy Jumping Puzzle 6

Once you’re on the beam the next task is to jump onto the square ledge around the corner of the structure wall that the beam is sticking out of. This jump is tricky so you may want to stand about halfway along the beam to get a more favorable angle to jump from.

Canopy Jumping Puzzle 7

From the ledge, jump onto the metal gear to the left, then up onto the beam, and finally, the structural frame curving around to the right. Follow the frame around until you get to the next beam.

Canopy Jumping Puzzle 8

After following the frame around you’ll see a vertical beam and another square ledge. It’s possible to bypass the beam altogether and jump straight to the ledge, but you may want to jump to the beam first anyway. It’s your call. Once you get to the ledge, hop up onto the curved frame and carefully follow it around.

Canopy Jumping Puzzle 9

Once you get to the next beam, walk out onto it and jump onto the wooden ledge straight ahead. Follow this ledge around and make your way up the steep incline by jumping onto a gear sticking out halfway up.

At the end of the ledge, jump onto the metal railing and then onto the gears sticking out of the wall. Next, jump onto the metal beam to the right and then jump onto the next beam that has a 90 degree angle.

Continue on until you reach the highest point on the beam. From there, turn to the outer wall and jump up onto the curved frame.

Canopy Jumping Puzzle 14

Follow the frame around until you can jump onto the next beam. Follow the beam across and the jump over the gap to the final beam. Turn to the left and jump onto the slanted ledge that leads to the Insight.

If you made it this far then you’ve successfully completed the jumping puzzle and can now claim your Insight. Congratulations!

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