November 2015


Breakbar Combat Tips

The “Breakbar”, or “Defiance Bar”, is an indicator located beneath a target’s health bar that shows whether or not they are immune to crowd control effects. Every Guild Wars 2 player should understand how the Breakbar works because it plays a critical role in solo and group combat.


Jungle Totem Hunter Achievement Guide

Jungle Totem Hunter is a Heart of Thorns achievement that involves collecting 10 lost Itzel totems around Verdant Brink. To access this achievement you must have completed the Totems of The Itzel achievement from Heart of Thorns Story: Act I. This guide will show you exactly where to find each lost totem.


Large Airship Cargo Locations

By now most players are familiar with opening up Airship Cargo that spawn around Verdant Brink in Heart of Thorns. For those that aren’t, Airship Cargo are loot boxes similar to Lost Bandit Chests in the Silverwastes, only they’re opened with Pact Crowbars instead of Chest Keys. Airship Cargo drop around Verdant Brink as events are completed and show up as a red mini-map ping when they first spawn. But did you know that Large Airship Cargo can also be…

Fashion Wars

Invisible Shoes Finally Discovered

Invisible Shoes are a completely transparent footwear skin that first showed up in the character wardrobe preview after the Heart of Thorns launch update. The shoes were confirmed to exist by a developer, and players have been searching for weeks, trying to find these shoes.


Flax Seed Farm Locations Guide

Flax Seed is a new gathering ingredient unique to Heart of Thorns. They are found commonly around the HoT maps and fetch a decent price on the trading post. The high demand for Flax Seed is due in part to the fact they are required for certain Guild Hall Upgrades. Gathering Flax Seed can easily provide you with a few gold in profit, with minimal time invested. This guide will show you the best Flax Seed farm locations in Heart…