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Guild Wars 2 Command Line Tips - Guild Wars Hub

Guild Wars 2 Command Line Tips

Guild Wars 2 has several command line arguments that can be added to the launcher short-cut and will take effect when the game is started. These commands affect behaviors such as login, diagnostics, and graphics/audio.

GW2 Properties

To use these commands you need to right-click on the GW2 short-cut and select “Properties”. From there navigate to the “Target Area” field where the GW2 executable should be indicated:

"...Guild Wars 2Gw2.exe"

The desired command line arguments should be added after the quotation marks, with each argument beginning with a space:

"...Guild Wars 2Gw2.exe" -windowed

The above command will run Guild Wars 2 in windowed mode. Here are some of the most useful command line arguments:


The “autologin” command will log you in automatically, assuming that you have the game client set to remember your account name and password.


The “bmp” command forces the game to save screenshots as .bmp files. BMP files are higher quality and larger size.


The “maploadinfo” command shows diagnostic information such as loading percentage and time elapsed during the map loading screen.


Self-explanatory, this command will cause the game to run without music.


The “noui” command will run the game without the user interface, similar to pressing “shift+control+h” in-game.


The “nosound” command runs the game without any sound at all, including music and other system sounds.


“prefreset” will launch the game, resetting all of the in game preferences.


The “repair” command will initiate a repair of the Guild Wars 2 data file the next time the game is launched.


In a triple monitor setup, this command will enable the User Interface to spread out across all monitors.


This command will disable the wide-screen Field of View enhancements, restoring the old Field of View.

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