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2015 Wintersday Event Guide - Guild Wars Hub

2015 Wintersday Event Guide

Wintersday has returned to Tyria for 2015, bringing new gifts and skins. Select areas of Divinity’s Reach and Heart of The Mists have been redecorated with Wintersday flair. Wintersday begins on December 15th and ends on January 12th 2016. This Wintersday Guide will show you all the things to do this year.

Wintersday Map (Divinity’s Reach)

Wintersday Map


Defend The Gift-Dolyak

This event runs constantly through the Crown Pavilion area of Divinity’s Reach. It begins with “Ho-Ho-Tron” asking for donations, and once enough players have donated, the short escort mission will begin. Players must escort the Gift-Dolyak to the donation drive destination while defending against thieving Skritt. When the Skritt spawn they can be kicked away from the Dolyak by going up to and interacting with them. Every so often the Gift-Dolyak will drop a present that can be picked up by players to receive a Wintersday Gift.

Gift Dolyak


Toypocalypse is a “tower-defense” style group event where players must work together to protect the Gift-Dolyaks in the center of the Wintersday-themed map. By destroying various structures scattered around the map, players can gather salvage items, like snow and scrap, to construct stationary weapons and defenses. Each of the 10 rounds require players to defeat waves of malfunctioning toys to progress. A boss-golem will spawn near the end of each round and requires a coordinated effort to take down. Players are rewarded with Wintersday Gifts for the successful completion of each round, with a larger bonus after the final round.


  • Spread out your defenses evenly to protect against attacks from all directions
  • Utilize the structures and layout of the map to gain a strategic advantage
  • Your health will not regenerate unless you are standing near the structure in the center of the map
  • Bundles of Hay spawn every 2 rounds and can be used to heal the Dolyaks
  • Your respawn time increases with each death, so remember to heal

Toypocalypse Dolyaks

Snowball Mayhem

Snowball Mayhem pits teams against each other in an epic snowball fight to collect Wintersday Gifts, similar to “Capture The Flag”. There are 3 classes to choose from: Scout, Heavy Gunner and Support. Each class has access to a specific weapon with unique skills. Teams must grab the Wintersday Gift that spawns in the center of the map and and successfully deliver the gift back to home base.


  • Try out all of the different classes to see which one works best for your play style.
  • Effective dodging is crucial
  • It helps to stay near your teammates instead of trying to attack solo.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is the Wintersday Jumping Puzzle, similar to the “Mad King’s Clocktower” Jumping Puzzle during Halloween. To complete the Winter Wonderland Jumping Puzzle players must navigate a series of floating snowflakes, peppermints, and presents.

Winter Wonderland

Overview and Mechanics

  • Although there is no timer, it is crucial that you move quickly through the puzzle due to the “Frostbite” condition effect that drains your health.
  • There are 3 locations that provide a “Warmth” condition to negate “Frostbite”. These are located at the start/finish areas and on the large peppermint located at the jumping puzzle’s half-way mark.
  • The floating snowflakes will disappear quickly, so there is little room for hesitation.

Part 1: Floating Snowflakes and Peppermints

The first part of the puzzle gives players the option of 3 different paths: North, Middle and South. These 3 paths all contain the same mechanics, with the main difference being that the North path has 2 candy-cane hurdles as opposed to the Middle and South paths which only have 1. My personal opinion is that the 2 lower paths are slightly less difficult than the North path, for the reason outlined above. Also, while I can’t prove it, it seems like the floating snowflakes on the North path are just a tiny bit more spread out, but I could just be imagining things.

Starting from the peppermint in front of the path you’ve chosen, wait until the floating snowflake closest to the platform appears, and immediately jump onto it and begin hopping from snowflake to snowflake. Eventually you will arrive at a gap that requires you to jump onto horizontal candy-canes in order to reach the next section. Continue on to the next group of snowflakes until you get to the floating peppermints.

The peppermints will not disappear like the snowflakes, but you should hurry across them all the same, since your health is running out. Once you reach the large peppermint with a small fire, you can take a short break before beginning the second half of the puzzle.

Part 2: Present Hopping and Snowball Dodging

Straight ahead you’ll see a floating pile of wrapped presents that spawn and disappear after a short while. This part requires careful timing so you may want to watch for a few cycles before jumping across. When you’re ready to proceed, wait until the row of presents closest to your platform appear, and then jump over to them. When timing your jump try to wait until you’re at the very edge of the peppermint platform before jumping or you will not have enough distance to clear the jump. As soon as you successfully land on the first row of presents, immediately hold forward and repeatedly jump until you get to the ledge at the top. Keep in mind that some presents may begin to disappear on the way up so you may have to quickly change course to keep from falling.

The next part of the puzzle is a “Donkey-Kong” type challenge where you’ll have to make your way up the zig-zag path without getting hit by the large rolling snowballs. In order to do this you must start running up the path as soon as the first snowball passes and head straight for the peppermint platforms off to the side of the snowy ledge. Repeat this a few more times as you make your way to the top of the path. Eventually you’ll see a scattering of floating presents and candy-canes to the right of the path. These objects will not disappear, so you’ll have a little extra time to plan your jumps. A common strategy is to jump onto the blue wrapped presents and the long candy-canes to reach the top. Once you reach the top, simply jump into the large glowing gift box to complete the puzzle.

At the end of the puzzle you will be able to open the chest to receive your rewards.

Winter Wonderland Finish

Bell Choir Ensemble

The Bell Choir Ensemble is a musical event where players use a musical skill bar to perform a part in Wintersday songs. Talking to the Snowman allows you to choose from 3 different stages that have 3 musical parts each (High, Middle and Low). After selecting your part you’ll be sent to stage with 2 other players to begin the performance. The circular stage is divided in to 3 sections and each section is sub-divided into 8 colored note panels corresponding to the 8 musical skills on your skill bar. There a 6 rounds in the event with 1 song per round. Once a round begins you’ll hear a metronome-like rhythm for a few seconds before the song starts and the notes begin to appear. Colored note orbs will appear at the far edge of the circular stage in their respective note panel. They will move towards the center of the stage. The correct time to play the note is when it enters the solid blue circle in the center of the stage. Incorrect notes will cause you to lose health and eventually fail the song, while correct notes will restore health.


  • During the intermission between rounds you can play any notes to restore your health.
  • Position the camera at a a “birds-eye” view to get a better angle at the stage.
  • Keep your hands on the number key row of the keyboard to play notes.

Bell Choir Ensemble

Tixx’s Infinirarium

Tixx’s Infinirarium is a mini-dungeon set in the same map as Toypocalypse. You and up to 4 other players must complete a variety of objectives from collecting gifts to defeating waves of malfunctioning toys. The final battle involves Toxx, the large golem boss, who teleports around the map. This mini-dungeon is not very difficult and takes around 15-30 minutes to complete. You can find other players in the Looking For Group tool.

Tixx's Infinirarium


General Wintersday Achievements

  • Seasoned Toymaker (Meta) – 40 points
    • Complete 18 of the following Wintersday Achievements
      1. Dolyak Defender
      2. Nothing But Broken Toys
      3. Wintersday Wrecking Ball
      4. Honorary Krewe Member
      5. Finders Keepers
      6. Silver for the Season
      7. Golden Generosity
      8. Donation Defender
      9. The Bells of Wintersday (Infinite)
      10. Winter Wonderland Mastery (Infinite)
      11. Snowball Mayhem Participant (Infinite)
      12. Toypocalypse Survivor (Infinite)
      13. Disassembly
      14. Ringing the Right Notes
      15. Wrapping Everywhere
      16. Grawnk Munch
      17. Connoisseur of Confection
      18. Festive Imbiber
      19. Sounds of the Season
      20. Frozen Claw
      21. Snowball Fight!
      22. Toy Quality Control
      23. The Wintersday Gauntlet
    • Rewards:
  • Wrapping Everywhere – 9 points
    • Open 40 Wintersday presents
    • Wintersday Gifts can be obtained through completing various Wintersday events. They are also found under Wintersday trees and by completing achievements (including dailies).
    • Reward: 10 Personalized Wintersday Gifts
  • Festive Imbiber – 15 points
    • Consume 10,000 Wintersday Drinks (Eggnog, Spiced Cider, Buttered Spirits)
    • Drinks and tonics are only dropped from Wintersday Gifts. They can also be purchased through the Trading Post.
    • Tonics also count towards this achievement (Reindeer/Snowman)
    • This achievement will remain active throughout the year, so you can still work towards it after Wintersday ends.
    • Rewards:
      • Masterful Toast (10,000 Karma)
      • Title: “Spirited Drinker”
  • Connoisseur of Confection – 10 points
    • Consume 2,500 Candy-canes
    • Candy-canes only drop from Wintersday Gifts. They can also be purchased through the Trading Post.
    • Peppermint Bars and Cakes also count towards this achievement.
    • Rewards:
      • Title: “Sweet Tooth”
  • Frozen Claw – 3 points
    • Defeat the Claw of Jormag 3 times during Wintersday
    • The Claw of Jormag is located in Frostgorge Sound near the Earthshake Waypoint [&BHoCAAA=]. You can check a GW2 event timer to see when the next Jormag event starts.
    • Rewards: Icy Aura (10,000 Karma)
  • Grawnk Munch – 5 points
    • Deliver 3 bloodstone meals to Grawnk
    • Grawnk is located in players’ home instance in Divinity’s Reach (Salma District) [&BC4DAAA=].
    • This is a time-gated event that requires you to bring Grawnk a bloodstone-themed meal, once a day for 3 days.
    • The bloodstone meals are sold by Chef Seimur Oxbone who changes locations daily.
    • Rewards:

Home Instance

“Defend The Dolyak” Achievements

This event begins with a donation drive run by Ho-Ho-Tron. He is located in the South-East corner of the Crown Pavilion in Divinity’s Reach.


  • Golden Generosity – 25 points
    • Donate 3 gold to Ho-Ho-tron
    • Reward: 10 Personalized Wintersday Gifts
  • Silver For The Season – 5 points
    • Donate 3 silver to Ho-Ho-Tron
    • Reward: 3 Personalized Wintersday Gifts
  • Donation Defender – 5 points
    • Successfully complete the Dolyak Escort
    • Defend against Skritt by approaching them and interacting with them to initiate a kick.
    • Reward: 5 Personalized Wintersday Gifts
  • Finders Keepers – 6 points
    • Pick up 25 dropped Wintersday presents
    • The Gift-Dolyak will occasionally drop gifts that can be picked up for this achievement.
    • Rewards:
      • 1 Personalized Wintersday Gift
      • Title: “Finders Keepers”

Dropped Present

“Winter Wonderland” Achievements

  • The Wintersday Gauntlet – 3 points
    • Complete the Winter Wonderland Jumping Puzzle 3 times
    • Reward: Snow-globe (10,000 Karma)
  • Winter Wonderland Mastery – 3 points
    • Complete the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle 15 times
    • Infinitely repeatable
    • Reward: 5 Personalized Wintersday Gifts

“Snowball Mayhem” Achievements

  • Snowball Mayhem Participant – 3 points
    • Complete 30 rounds of Snowball Mayhem
    • Infinitely repeatable
    • Reward: 3 Personalized Wintersday Gifts
  • Snowball Fight! – 3 points
    • Win 3 rounds of Snowball Mayhem
    • Reward: Champion’s Snowball (10,000 Karma)

“Bell Choir Ensemble” Achievements

  • Sounds of The Season – 3 points
    • Complete 3 songs
    • Reward: Winter Music Score (10,000 Karma)
  • Ringing The Right Notes – 10 points
    • Play 500 correct notes
    • Reward: 10 Personalized Wintersday Gifts
  • The Bells of Wintersday – 3 points
    • Complete 30 songs
    • Infinitely repeatable
    • Reward: 3 Personalized Wintersday Gifts

“Toypocalypse” Achievements

  • Dolyak Defender – 5 points
    • Survive all 10 rounds with at least one surviving Dolyak
    • Reward: 10 Personalized Wintersday Gifts
  • Nothing But Broken Toys – 5 points
    • Complete 50 waves of Toypocalpyse
    • Reward: 5 Personalized Wintersday Gifts
  • Toy Quality Control – 3 points
    • Complete 30 rounds of Toypocalypse during Wintersday
    • Reward: Refurbished Toy (10,000 Karma)
  • Disassembly – 10 points
    • Destroy 100 malfunctioning toys
    • Reward: 5 Personalized Wintersday Gifts
  • Toypocalypse Survivor – 3 points
    • Complete 30 rounds of Toypocalpyse
    • Infinitely repeatable

“Tixx’s Infinirarium” Achievements

  • Wintersday Wrecking Ball – 5 points
    • Destroy every miniature piece of Tixx’s Toy Diarama
    • You should get this achievement by playing through this event normally.
    • Reward: 5 Personalized Wintersday Gifts
  • Honorary Krewe Member – 5 points
    • Defeat Toxx in Tixx’s workshop
    • You should get this achievement by completing this event.
    • Reward: 10 Personalized Wintersday Gifts

Collection Achievements

  • Wintersday Toy Weapon Collection – 2 points
    • Collect and unlock all 8 toy weapon skins
    • Purchased from Wintersday Vendor for karma, or directly from the Trading Post
    • Reward: Mini Skritta Claws

Wintersday Vendor Skins

Star Of Gratitude

“Foostivoo The Merry” Recipee

Combine the following items in the Mystic Forge to create the miniature Foostivoo The Merry:

All items can be purchase from the Trading Post.

“Winter’s Presence” Guide

Winter’s Presence is a snow-themed shoulder skin that produces an effect of snow flurries. Credit to Daze Darkclaw for the recipes.

Collection Items

  • Winter’s Presence Blueprint (to unlock the collection)
    • Purchased from Wintersday Vendor for 3 gold + 25,000 karma
  • Essence of Mischief (Forge)

    • 50 Superior Sigil of Mischief
    • 50 Flawless Snowflakes
    • 50 Packages of Snowballs
      • 50 Flawless Snowflakes + 35k karma
    • 50 Mystic Coins
  • Essence of Snowfall (Forge)

    • 50 Superior Runes of Snowfall
    • 50 Choir Bells
    • 50 Flawless Snowflakes
    • 50 Mystic Coins
  • Magnanimous Obsidian Crystal (Forge)

    • 1 Magnanimous Choir Bell
      • 50 Flawless Snowflakes + 17.5k karma
      • 50 Obsidian Shards
      • 50 Flawless Snowflakes
      • 50 Mystic Coins
  • Winter Music Score
    • Rewarded for completing the “Sounds of The Season” achievement
  • Champion’s Snowball
    • Rewarded for completing the “Snowball Fight!” achievement
  • Refurbished Toy
    • Rewarded for completing the “Toy Quality Control” achievement
  • Snow Globe
    • Rewarded for completing the “Wintersday Gauntlet” achievement
  • Icy Aura
    • Rewarded for completing the “Frozen Claw” achievement
  • Masterful Toast
    • Rewarded for completing the “Festival Imbiber” achievement

Presents For Orphans

You can receive 1,500+ karma for each wrapped gift you deliver to orphans around Divinity’s Reach. To wrap a gift, purchase a toy weapon skin and wrapping paper from the Wintersday Vendor. Then, form the same vendor, select the appropriate wrapped gift. After you have the gift you must locate one of the orphans scattered through Divinity’s Reach and give them the present. Although you cannot deliver a gift to the same orphan in the same day, there are over 28 orphans to choose from.

Divinity’s Reach Orphan Map

Here is a map of orphan locations from the GW2 Wiki:

Divinity's Reach Orphan Locations

Wintersday Tips

  • Tixx in DR will give you a gift if you talk to him. He’s the Asura beside the 5 wooden toys just at the bottom of the steps to the Wintersday area.


  • Tin of Fruitcake is an attractive alternative to Superior Sharpening Stones at half the price, while also giving +10% karma gain.
  • Keep an eye out for Wintersday presents located around the open world of Tyria

Tyria Gift

  • Wintersday Trees are located around Divinity’s Reach and contain a Wintersday Gift that can be picked up.

Wintersday Tree

Wintersday Vendor Images

Wintersday Item Prices

For an updated list of Wintersday item prices check out our Wintersday Item Prices page which includes a breakdown of item prices for the Wintersday consumption achievements.

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