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GW2 In-Game Gift Ideas - Guild Wars Hub

GW2 In-Game Gift Ideas

Whether it’s Wintersday or any other festive occasion, many Guild Wars 2 players celebrate by giving and receiving in-game gifts. Even though it’s quick and easy to send someone gold in the mail, we think it’s more fun to pick out specific items as gifts. We’ve put together a list of gift ideas to get you started this holiday season. Here is our list of Guild Wars 2 gift ideas that can be purchased with in-game gold and sent to other players.


Dyes are a great gift that can fit anyone’s budget. There are hundreds of unique dye colors to choose from, but you can always send an Unidentified Dye as a gift if the choices are overwhelming. Most of the “kit” dyes listed below are pretty expensive, but you can find many great looking and affordable dyes by browsing through the GW2 Wiki’s section on dyes.

Here are some of the unique dyes included in various dye kits:

Flame and Frost Dyes

Deep Glacial Sky
Deep Glacial Teal
Glacial Sky
Glacial Teal
Shiver Sea
Shiver Sky

A Very Merry Wintersday Dyes


Taimi’s Dyes

Electro Blue
Electro Lemon
Electro Lime
Electro Peach
Electro Pink
Electro Purple


Exotic Weapons

There are many unique exotic weapons to choose from when looking for potential gifts. “Named” exotics are weapons that have a unique title and skin, compared to regular exotics that have common names (e.g. “Berserker’s Pearl Reaver”). A complete list of unique exotic weapons is maintained on the GW2 Wiki’s “List of Named Weapons” page.

Here are some of our favorite named exotic weapons:





Final Rest

Final Rest







Mecha Anchor

Mecha Anchor



Miniatures are another group of items that make great gifts. There are hundreds of different miniature varieties to choose from at virtually any price range. For a complete list of Miniatures you can check out the GW2 WIki.

Here are a few of our favorite miniatures:

Mark I Assault Golem

Mark I Golem



Zuzu, Cat of Darkness




Twisted Watchwork Moa

Clockwork Moa


Backpack Covers

While many backpack skins can only be purchased from gems, there a a few that can be purchased for gold through the Trading Post.

Here is a list of Trading Post Backpack skins:

Tiger Charr Backpack Cover

Charr Backpack Side Charr Backpack Front









Plush Tybalt Backpack Cover

Tybalt Backpack Side Tybalt Backpack Front










Quaggan Killer Whale Backpack Cover

Killer Whale Quaggan Side Killer Whale Quaggan Front








Cheetah Charr Backpack Cover

Cheetah Charr Side Cheetah Charr Front










Pink Quaggan Backpack Cover

Pink Quaggan Side Pink Quaggan Front







Adventurer’s Mantle Skin

Adventurers Mantle Front Adventurers Mantle Side





The Adventurer’s Mantle is an armor helm skin with versions for each armor weight. It is an account bound item created by combining the Adventurer’s Spectacles and Adventurer’s Scarf with the appropriate helm crafting components. With these 4 components, the Adventurer’s Mantle can be crafted through discovery by an Armorsmith, Leatherworker or Tailor, depending on the armor weight. All components are available for direct purchase from the Trading Post.

  • Adventurer’s Goggles (Heavy/Medium/Light)
    • Rare drop from Dry Top “Buried Locked Chests”
  • Adventurer’s Scarf (Heavy/Medium/Light)
    • Rare drop from Dry Top “Buried Locked Chests”
  • Helm Component 1
    • Orichalcum Helm Lining (Heavy), Hardened Helmet Lining (Medium) or Gossamer Helm Padding (Light)
  • Helm Component 2
    • Orichalcum Helm Casing (Heavy), Hardened Helmet Strap (Medium) or Gossamer Helm Strap (Light)

To gift an Adventurer’s Mantle you will need to send the 4 required components to the recipient so they can then craft the final product.

Trading Post Prices:

Heavy Medium Light
Adventurer’s Spectacles
Adventurer’s Scarf


Other Gift Ideas

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