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Treetop Retriever Achievement Guide - Guild Wars Hub

Treetop Retriever Achievement Guide

“Treetop Retriever” is a Heart of Thorns achievement that requires locating 10 Fallen Priory Explorers in the Auric Basin map. This guide will show you where to find each explorer required to successfully complete this achievement.

Treetop Retriever Locations Map

The 10 Fallen Priory Explorers can be found in the Tarnished Treetop region, located in the North-West corner of Auric Basin. Most can be found near the edges of the canopy platforms. They are laid out in the same order as listed in the achievement tracker menu. To receive credit for locating an explorer, all you have to do is interact with the fallen corpse.

Fallen Priory Explorer #1

Located North of Wanderer’s Waypoint on a ledge next to the map entrance coming from Verdant Brink.

Treetop Retriever 1

Fallen Priory Explorer #2

Located next to the Exalted Portals that can be reached using a nearby bouncing mushroom.

Treetop Retriever 2

Fallen Priory Explorer #3

Located South of Wanderer’s Waypoint near a large plant on the edge of a canopy platform.

Treetop Retriever 3

Fallen Priory Explorer #4

Located on a lower platform South-East of the Exalted Portals. You can glide to this location from the upper canopy sections nearby.

Treetop Retriever 4

Fallen Priory Explorer #5

Located on a platform near “Capitzel Grounds” to the West.

Treetop Retriever 5

Fallen Priory Explorer #6

Located near the far Eastern edge of the Tarnished Treetop.

Treetop Retriever 6

Fallen Priory Explorer #7

Located in the area below the Exalted Portals, slightly East.

Treetop Retriever 7

Fallen Priory Explorer #8

Located on a ledge two levels below the Exalted Portals. You can glide down to this area from the ledge near the bouncing mushroom that takes you to the portals.

Treetop Retriever 8

Fallen Priory Explorer #9

Located in the Northern cliffs region of the treetop. Look for the bouncing mushroom that sits nearby.

Treetop Retriever 9

Fallen Priory Explorer #10

Located on top of a large tree trunk in the far South area of the treetop canopy.

Treetop Retriever 10

Treetop Retriever Completed

After locating all 10 explorers you will have successfully completed the Treetop Retriever achievement.

Treetop Retriever Completed

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