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GW2 Best Convenience Items

Guild Wars 2 offers many different convenience items that can save players’ time and effort. Most of these convenience items are only available through the Gem Store, Black Lion Chests or Trading Post (for a high price). With the recent introduction of Account-Wide Inventory Slots, convenience items have the potential to become even more accessible since they can be shared among all characters. While not obtainable for everyone due to their steep costs, convenience items offer attractive value for players who can afford them. It is important to note that several of the Gem Store convenience items are subject to limited availability and may not return to the Gem Store for long stretches of time. This list contains what we believe are the best convenience items in Guild Wars 2, plus other general convenience items that players should be aware of.

Best Individual Convenience Items

Here are the best individual convenience items in Guild Wars 2.

Watchwork Mining Pick

Watchwork Mining Pick

The Watchwork Mining Pick is an infinite-use mining pick that provides a small chance to recover Watchwork Sprockets, a valuable crafting material. It is also one of the few (only?) convenience items that provide a realistic chance for breaking even with regard to cost.

  • Cost: 1000 Gems
  • Since 2014, the Watchwork Mining Pick has been available for purchase four different times for a period of a few days to a few weeks
  • The Watchwork Mining Pick provides a Watchwork Sprocket approximately every third mining strike

Copper-Fed Salvage-O-Matic

Copper-Fed Salvage-O-Matic

Essentially an infinite-use “Basic Salvage Kit”, the Copper-Fed Salvage-O-Matic allows you to salvage items in exchange for 3 copper. This tool can help you recover precious inventory slots by reducing the need to carry multiple salvage kits.

  • Cost: 800 Gems
  • For comparison, a Basic Salvage Kit costs 3.52 copper per use (25/88 copper)
  • Limited Availability

Royal Terrace Pass/Captains Airship Pass

These passes grant access to the Royal Terrace or Havoc’s Heir areas located in Divinity’s Reach and Gendarran Fields, respectively. These special areas provide quick access to town resources such as the Mystic Forge, Personal Bank, Trading Post and Crafting Stations, etc.

  • Cost: 1000 Gems
  • Limited availability
  • The Royal Terrace pass has appeared in the Gem Store for Wintersday 2014/2015

Mystic Forge Conduit

A Mystic Forge Conduit allows players to access the Mystic Forge from any location, similar to Permanent Express items. Mystic Forge Conduits can be purchased directly from the Trading Post, however there is a cheaper version, listed as a container, that is account-bound upon opening.

  • Cost:
  • Cost (Account-Bound):

Home Portal Stone

Home Portal Stone

A Home Portal Stone transports the owner to their racial city’s Home Instance. It also allows you to return to the original location where you first used the Home Portal Stone. This can make it more convenient for players who regularly mine their home instance resource nodes or use other home instance fixtures.

  • Cost: 900 Gems

Tarrktun Personal Delivery Portal

A Tarrktun Personal Delivery Portal is used to open a vendor interface to purchase destabilized ectoplasm. The vendor interface also allows players to sell items at anytime without having to leave their current location.

  • Acquisition: Reward for completing the “Legendary Tarrktun Supporter” achievement after purchasing 100 Globs of Destabilized Ectoplasm

Other Convenience Items

The following categories contain general convenience items that are no less valuable than those listed above, but did not make our top list.

Permanent Contracts

Unlimited Gathering Tools

Unlimited Gathering Tools

Home Resource Nodes

Basic Resource Nodes

All of the basic node packs cost 800 Gems. For a list of all other Home Instance items check out the Home Instance GW2 Wiki page.

Silver-Fed Salvage-O-Matic

Portal Scrolls

Portal scrolls are created in the Mystic Forge and allow players to travel to a specific city in Tyria. All racial cities have an available portal stone in addition to several other major cities. A few examples are listed below.

Candy Corn Gobbler

(Thanks /u/TemporaryShadow)

Account Convenience Upgrades

Bank Tab Expansion

Bank Tab

  • Grants and additional tab of storage to your personal bank

Storage Expander

Storage Expander

  • Increases the material stacking limit by 250

Bag Slots

Bag Slot

  • Adds an additional bag slot for a specific character

Shared Inventory Slots

Shared Inventory

  • Grants a shared inventory slot that can be accessed by all characters on an account

Additional Crafting License

Crafting License

  • Increases the number of crafting disciplines that can be active at one time

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