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GW2 Best Convenience Items

Guild Wars 2 offers many different convenience items that can save players’ time and effort. Most of these convenience items are only available through the Gem Store, Black Lion Chests or Trading Post (for a high price). With the recent introduction of Account-Wide Inventory Slots, convenience items have the potential to become even more accessible since they can be shared among all characters. While not obtainable for everyone due to their steep costs, convenience items offer attractive value for players…


[SAND] Celebrates 100th Consecutive Tier-6 Dry Top Run

The Dry Top-exclusive guild “That’s No Tornado” [SAND] has recently completed their 100th consecutive Tier 6 (T6) Dry Top run. For those unfamiliar, Dry Top is a timed event-map where players must complete various events in order to increase the reward tier (Tiers 1-6). Most Dry Top map instances can reach Tier 3 or Tier 4 without much difficulty, but reaching Tier 6 requires significant organization and coordination. [SAND] was formed back in late July of 2015 and is headed…


GW2 Converters Overview & Guide

Converters are a special set of items in Guild Wars 2 that allow players to convert certain materials and currencies into something more useful. Many of these converters were introduced in order to address player feedback related to the over-abundance of materials such as Bloodstone Dust, Dragonite Ore and Empyreal Fragments. There are currently seven different converters available and most of them are reasonably attainable. This guide provides an overview of the converters in Guild Wars 2.


GW2 Power-Leveling Guide

Most players will have no trouble leveling up in Guild Wars 2 since you can gain experience points by playing the game however you want. For those that want to level up even faster, we’ve created this power-leveling guide which contains tips to help you level up quickly and efficiently.


Cheapest Ascended Back Items

Ascended Back Items are unique in that they are only obtainable through crafting and certain collection rewards. There are over 20 different ascended back items in Guild Wars 2, with varying acquisition costs. While many of the ascended back items are locked in to a specific stat set, there are several which allow you to select the stats, and those are the ones that we’ll be focusing on. We’ve compiled a list of the cheapest ascended back items in Guild…