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Mistward Armor Collection Guide - Guild Wars Hub

Mistward Armor Collection Guide

Mistward Armor is an exotic heavy armor set introduced by Heart of Thorns. The armor is Revenant-themed and is worn by the character Rytlock, as first seen in the Heart of Thorns: Act I story-line. Unlocking the Mistward Armor set requires collecting various armor components around Central Tyria and Magus Falls. In addition to receiving the Mistward Armor set, you will also be rewarded with achievement points associated with the collections. This guide provides an overview of the Mistward Armor set, and shows where to obtain the required collection items.

Mistward Armor

Collection Overview

 Mistward WarbootsMistward LegguardsMistward WarfistsMistward PlateMistward PauldronsMistward Headwrap
Tier 1 ArmorScale BootsScale LegsScale GauntletsScale CoatScale Pauldrons
Tier 2 ArmorBarbaric BootsBarbaric LegplatesBarbaric GlovesBarbaric CoatBarbaric Pauldrons
Tier 3 ArmorGladiator BootsGladiator LegplatesGladiator GauntletsGladiator ChestplateGladiator Pauldrons
Tier 4 ArmorDraconic BootsDraconic LegsDraconic GauntletsDraconic CoatDraconic Pauldrons
Component 1Mistward Boot CasingMistward Legging LiningMistward Gloves LiningMistward Coat PaddingMistward Pauldron LiningMistward Helm Lining
Component 2Mistward Boot LiningMistward Legging PanelMistward Gloves PlateMistward Coat PanelMistward Pauldron CasingMistward Helm Casing
InsigniaMistward Boot InsigniaMistward Legging InsigniaMistward Gloves InsigniaMistward Coat InsigniaMistward Pauldron InsigniaMistward Helm Insignia
(Preview Code)[&AgE0FQEA][&AgHGEwEA][&AgEcGgEA][&AgFfIQEA][&AgFjHwEA][&AgFSIgEA]

Collection Format

Each individual piece of the Mistward Armor set has seven components that must be collected. The components are unique to the particular armor piece, but fall into the same category. The categories for each armor piece are as follows:

  1. Tier 1 Armor
  2. Tier 2 Armor
  3. Tier 3 Armor
  4. Tier 4 Armor
  5. Component 1
  6. Component 2
  7. Insignia

The exception to this is the Mistward Headwrap which only requires the last 3 types of items (Helm Components and Insignia). Instead of requiring different types of lower armor, as is the case with the other Mistward Armor pieces, the Mistward Headwrap collection simply requires that you’ve obtained the other Mistward Armor pieces.

Mistward Headwrap Collection:

  1. Mistward Warboots*
  2. Mistward Pauldrons*
  3. Mistward Plate*
  4. Mistward Legguards*
  5. Mistward Warfists*
  6. Mistward Helm Lining
  7. Mistward Helm Casing
  8. Mistward Helm Insignia

*Obtained through prior collections

Armor Piece Collection

You will need to unlock each piece (except helms) of the following armor sets as part of the Mistward Armor collections. Many players will likely have several of these pieces unlocked already. If you decide to purchase any of these armor pieces from the Trading Post, make sure to check for different versions of the armor to find the lowest price (e.g. Rejuvenating Scale Boots may be cheaper than Giver’s Scale Boots).

Scale Armor (Fine/Masterwork)

  • Acquisition:
    • Trading Post
    • Armorsmith (Lvl 75-125)

Barbaric Armor (Fine/Masterwork)

  • Acquisition:
    • Trading Post
    • Armorsmith (Lvl 300-350)

Gladiator Armor (Rare)

  • Acquisition:
    • Trading Post
    • Armorsmith (Lvl 125-375)

Draconic Armor (Exotic)

  • Acquisition:
    • Trading Post
    • Armorsmith (Lvl 400)

Enemy Drops

Certain Mistward collection components only drop from certain enemy types. You may have to kill a few dozen enemies (or more) before the item drops, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t drop immediately. Here is a list of the collection components, including the locations where the enemies that drop them are most commonly found:

Inquest (Mistward Boot Casing)

  • Locations:
    • Metrica Province
    • Brisban Wildlands
    • Mount Maelstrom
    • Sparkfly Fen
    • Bloodtide Coast
    • Malchor’s Leap
    • Dry Top

Sons of Svanir (Mistward Legging Lining)

  • Locations:
    • Wayfarer Foothills
    • Snowden Drifts
    • Dredgehaunt Cliffs
    • Frostgorge Sound

Nightmare Court (Mistward Gloves Lining)

  • Locations:
    • Caledon Forest
    • Brisban Wildlands
    • Sparkfly Fen
    • Mount Maelstrom

Flame Legion (Mistward Coat Padding)

  • Locations:
    • Plains of Ashford
    • Diessa Plateau
    • Iron Marches
    • Fireheart Rise

Bandits (Mistward Pauldron Lining)

  • Locations:
    • Queensdale
    • Kessex Hils
    • Brisban Wildlands
    • Silverwastes

Saurian (Mistward Helm Lining)

  • Locations:
    • Central Tyria
    • Magus Falls
  • Saurian Enemies:
    • Raptors
    • Skale
    • Bristlebacks
    • Stoneheads
    • Cave Spitters
    • Cave Screamers
    • Rolling Devils


Mistward Enemy Map

World Boss Drops

Similarly to the components that only drop from certain enemies, there are other components that only drop from World Bosses. Here is a list of those World Bosses and the components they drop. Waypoint chat-link codes have been provided if you would like to copy them into the in-game chat panel.

World Boss Event Timers can be found at

Legendary Karka Queen (Mistward Boot Lining)

  • Located in Southsun Cove
  • Camp Karka Waypoint [&BNcGAAA=]

Mark II Golem (Mistward Legging Panel)

  • Located in Mount Maelstrom
  • Old Siege Waypoint [&BNQCAAA=]

Shatterer (Mistward Gloves Plate)

  • Located in Blazeridge Steppes
  • Lowland Burns Waypoint [&BE4DAAA=]

Taidha covington (Mistward Coat Panel)

  • Located in Bloodtide Coast
  • Laughing Gull Waypoint [&BKgBAAA=]

Modniir Ulgoth (Mistward Pauldron Casing)

  • Located in Harathi Hinterlands
  • Cloven Hoof Waypoint [&BLEAAAA=]

Chak Gerent (Mistward Helm Casing)

  • Located in Tangled Depths
  • Ley-Line Confluence Waypoint [&BPUHAAA=]
  • ALL 4 CHAK GERENTS in the meta event must be defeated, not just one as the collection description suggests. The Mistward Helm casing drops from the final reward chest.


Mistward Boss Map

Vendor Purchased

Mistward Insignia must be purchased from specific vendors in the Magus Falls area. Most of them require 150 of the various map currencies + 10 Silver. Certain Heart of Thorns Vendors require specific Masteries to be able to purchase items.

Bandit Crest Collector (Mistward Boot Insignia)

  • Located in the Silverwastes
  • Camp Resolve Waypoint [&BH8HAAA=]
  • Cost: 150 Bandit Crests + 10 Silver

Exalted Vendor (Mistward Legging Insignia)

  • Located in Auric Basin
  • Forgotten City Waypoint [&BMYHAAA=]
  • Cost: 150 Aurillium + 10 Silver

Zephyrite Vendor (Mistward Gloves Insignia)

  • Located in Dry Top
  • Dry Top Entry Waypoint [&BIAHAAA=]
  • Cost: 150 Geodes + 10 Silver (Tier 3)

Nuhoch Vendor (Mistward Coat Insignia)

  • Located in Tangled Depths
  • Teku Nuhoch Waypoint [&BAwIAAA=]
  • Cost: 150 Ley-line Crystals + 10 Silver

Itzel Vendor (Mistward Pauldron Insignia)

  • Located in Verdant Brink
  • Shipwreck Peak Waypoint [&BMAHAAA=]
  • Cost: 150 Airship Parts + 10 Silver

Crystalline Ore Vendor (Mistward Helm Insignia)

  • Located in Dragon’s Stand
  • Dragon’s Domain Waypoint [&BJcIAAA=]
  • Cost: 30 Crystalline Ore + 10 Silver
  • This vendor can ONLY be accessed after the meta event has been completed


Mistward Vendor Map

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